A Complete Sikkim Travel guide for first timers

I have been to Sikkim twice – The first one was not so successful (because of some dumb decisions my friends and I made). The second time, it was splendid, and I crossed the border to explore Bhutan by bike. After learning from my mistakes, Sahana wandered in Sikkim for 16 days. So you canContinue reading “A Complete Sikkim Travel guide for first timers”

7 Awesome Things to do in Luxor, Egypt.

The list of amazing things to do in Luxor is longer than you think! Luxor isn’t just a small town with a heap of historical ruins in ancient Thebes “There are temple ruins in this ancient Thebes. Luxor jaw dropping stories, astonishing facts and bizarre landscape lining beautiful architecture. Read our post ” Guide toContinue reading “7 Awesome Things to do in Luxor, Egypt.”

Ultimate Guide to Travelling in Lakshadweep, India.

When the last boy in your friend’s group gets married, it has to be celebrated big. Right?. Honestly, I was tired of the usual Bangkok and Phuket parties. I knew I wanted to go somewhere else with my boys- a unique but affordable place. We love partying but wanted to be away from the thickContinue reading “Ultimate Guide to Travelling in Lakshadweep, India.”

Travel Guide to the bygone beautiful -Chettinad, India.

As a true Indian non-vegetarian, Chettinad meant “tasty spicy chicken and quail curries” for me. Sahana’s favourite Attanggudi tiles and Chettinad sarees surfaced occasionally. But we never knew a mansion town existed in this region until we read about Tamil Nadu & South East Asian country connections. Indeed Tamilians were India’s first maritime traders. HereContinue reading “Travel Guide to the bygone beautiful -Chettinad, India.”

Awesome Things to Do in Varanasi, India | Beautiful Banaras.

It is fascinating how a “not so big town” of Varanasi can indulge travellers in a variety of experiences. The bustling Banaras have been travellers’ sought after destinations for ages. Let me show you what 30 exciting things you can do in Varanasi during your next trip. 1. Rejoice in the Ganga Ghats. Ganga dividesContinue reading “Awesome Things to Do in Varanasi, India | Beautiful Banaras.”

Varanasi Street Food Guide – Divine Delicacies.

We had a friend from Banaras. Every time she whines about how badly she misses Banaras food in Bangalore. She never found our Panipooris and golgappa enough and loved our Dosas most. I argued with her, wondering what was so great about Banaras food until I went to the spiritual and food heaven of VaranasiContinue reading “Varanasi Street Food Guide – Divine Delicacies.”

21 Best Things to do in Santorini

It may be Angelina Jolie jumping off the cliff in Tomb raider 2 or Hrithik & Katrina Kaif romancing Meherbaan song; most travellers know this town full of white houses crowned with blue domes in the Caldera. The grey pavement, white walls, and blue dome feels like a perfect canvas painting. The town’s colour paletteContinue reading “21 Best Things to do in Santorini”