Isfahan – Central Iran

When I say Isfahan, I pronounce Isfahaaaaaaaan. All those extra a’s goes for its awesomeness. The third-largest city of Iran is perhaps the most beautiful in the country too.  This post is about how we fell in love with Isfahan within 30 minutes after roaming in Char Bagh Abbasi street and how rich is IsfahanContinue reading “Isfahan – Central Iran”

Why is shopping in Iran an incredible experience?

The word Bazars excites me – From Bangalore’s Chikpet to Delhi’s Mina Bazar and Istanbul’s grand bazar, I find myself most curious and happy in these places despite the crowd. The real place to people watch, an actual school to learn the art of haggling – Iran’s bazaars are a perfect place to be lost.Continue reading “Why is shopping in Iran an incredible experience?”

Are Iranians as friendly as travellers describe?

The Grandeur of Persepolis intrigued me, and eating Biryani in its birthplace attracted Ashrith. Every blog and documentary I watched had one thing in common -Iranians are the kindest people they have ever met. Though there is a strict code of conduct for women, solo woman backpackers loved Iran. After reading dozens of blogs, weContinue reading “Are Iranians as friendly as travellers describe?”