Is Coffee capital of Thailand -Chiang Mai worth the hype?

Chiang Mai is perfect for rejuvenating from the busy cities and experiencing Thailand beyond beaches, closer to the mountains. From hipsters to monks, Wats to walking streets, hiking trails to cafes – Chiang Mai is unique to all the cities in Thailand. In this post, you see an ordinary part-time traveller confessing how she misjudgedContinue reading “Is Coffee capital of Thailand -Chiang Mai worth the hype?”

Best sites in Sukhothai historical park

Undoubtedly Sukothai is the place mom and I loved most in Thailand. If you have already read our post “Sukhothai – Tracing the last bricks of ancient Siam”, you know why. Sukothai houses more than 200 ruins. Unless you settle there for more than 15 days, you can’t see everything. As a layman tourist, youContinue reading “Best sites in Sukhothai historical park”

Sukhothai Travel Guide – Tracing the last bricks of ancient Siam

Once a glorious capital city, now a small town – Travel to Sukhothai for incredible architectural ruins, the best massage and fantastic food- of course, smiling Thai people. The lotus pond, lush green forest, endless grasslands – Sukhothai got the best of everything! Our Sukhothai Travel Guide shows you hot to get the best ofContinue reading “Sukhothai Travel Guide – Tracing the last bricks of ancient Siam”

Exploring Heart of Siam – Ayutthaya Travel Blog

The entire world knows Bangkok as Thailand’s capital. It is more enticing when you travel to the second capital of ancient Siam – Ayutthaya. Often treated as a place for a day trip from Bangkok, Ayutthaya is a town you must experience on foot. This post is all about what made me explore this historicalContinue reading “Exploring Heart of Siam – Ayutthaya Travel Blog”

Pattaya – away from the beach, closer to the truth.

Most of us associate Thailand with Bangkok-Pattaya-Phuket. These three big guys attract tourists from all over the world. The beachside city Pattaya may look perfect on Instagram, but the truth is a bit different. There is nothing wrong with the town but we the tourists have overused it in all possible ways. This post isContinue reading “Pattaya – away from the beach, closer to the truth.”

Why are you wasting 15 days in Thailand?

Why do you plan to waste 15 days in Thailand alone? This is the most common question before I left for Thailand with my mother in June 2019. It is common for full-time travellers to spend months together in Thailand but not common among the rest. As a part-time traveller, I was asked zillions ofContinue reading “Why are you wasting 15 days in Thailand?”

Guide to Shopping in Thailand for Authentic Thai Things.

When two “almost” shopaholic women travel to Thailand, it is impossible to return without buying things. With flocks of tourists running to Thailand for vacation, most people talk about Chatuchak market, Asiatic riverfront market, Platinum fashion mall and Pratunam market, which are suitable for buying modern fashion accessories at lower prices. But, let us sayContinue reading “Guide to Shopping in Thailand for Authentic Thai Things.”

Thai food – Vegetarian’s guide

The amount of variety you get in veg food in India is unmatchable. So when two Indian vegetarians like me and my mom travels outside India, we hunt for authentic local Veg cuisines. But we didn’t have to hunt for it since veg food options aren’t scarce in a place like Thailand, where meat dominates.Continue reading “Thai food – Vegetarian’s guide”

What to wear in Thailand as a Tourist | Packing and Clothing.

Before going to Thailand, I thought, “Why do I bother about what to wear in Thailand? I can wear anything, and everything I want to.” just like you may be wondering now. Seeing the sexy pictures of Thai beaches on Instagram, we all tend to pack vests and shorts along with flip-flops. You can’t beContinue reading “What to wear in Thailand as a Tourist | Packing and Clothing.”

15 Tips before you trip in Thailand

Before I give you the most useful Thailand Travel Tips, I want to tell you a few fascinating facts about Thailand. Stinky Travel Tips for Thailand You can see lots of customs similar to India in Thailand. Don’t miss out on watching Khon’s Performance to witness the Thai version of the Hindu Mythology Ramayana. Sadly,Continue reading “15 Tips before you trip in Thailand”

Thailand Tourist Visa – How to get it without any hassle

One reason billions of tourists visit Thailand is the ease of obtaining its tourist visa. The direct non-stop flights, easy visa process, and cheaper vacation – Indian tourists can’t be happier than this. So there is not much of a struggle here unless your documents are unclear and false.  However, though Thailand Visa is easy forContinue reading “Thailand Tourist Visa – How to get it without any hassle”