How Easy is it to get Vegetarian Food in Austria?

Cheese and Organic farming can describe delicious Austrian food wholly. But Austrian hunting tradition dates back to historical times. Worldwide, hunters consider Austria one of the most hospitable hunting grounds. So, organic farming and hunting – With these two contrasting words, is it easy to get Vegetarian food in Austria? Here is your guide onContinue reading “How Easy is it to get Vegetarian Food in Austria?”

What to wear in Austria -Packing and Clothing Tips

Those towering Austrian holy churches that appeared on travellers’ blogs reminded me of the mistakes I made at Meteora monasteries. Moreover, the landlocked country with no beaches was an obvious sign that I should pack modest and conservative clothes. Plus, I was confident – Austria would never get hot. I thought I knew what exactlyContinue reading “What to wear in Austria -Packing and Clothing Tips”

15 Essential things to know before you travel to Amazing Austria

After having travelled in Austria’s small yet wonderful country, I am here with some essential and rarely told Travel tips for Austria. I say “rarely” because you don’t hear Not many people saying, “I am dying to visit Austria”- Some Backpackers tend to skip it because of its high price. Family vacationers prefer Austria’s surroundingContinue reading “15 Essential things to know before you travel to Amazing Austria”

Is it Easy to get Austria Tourist Visa?

With a dream of wandering in the Austrian hills to listen to the cowbells and eating buckets of cheese with wine, I applied for Austria Tourist Visa for my mom and me – The immense joy comes with excitement and a lot of confusion with a pinch of fear; because 2020 showed us that anythingContinue reading “Is it Easy to get Austria Tourist Visa?”

Why was White Desert the Best Place in Egypt?

While packing our bags that morning in Giza, we thought we were leaving the place in Egypt. The weather was pleasant, unlike the previous days. Hoping for a friendly company like Ibrahim’s, we began chatting with our new guide Mamdouh. The No Man’s roads to the white desert I have always loved driving on theContinue reading “Why was White Desert the Best Place in Egypt?”

Cairo Chronicles with the scary Sandstorm.

What is our mood while travelling? – It is always Laaaalalala. Somehow we both (and I think most people) forget everything and dive deep into the present while travelling. You hardly face any negative vibes from strangers – You may not say hello/hi to those strangers you see every day while jogging in the neighbourhood.Continue reading “Cairo Chronicles with the scary Sandstorm.”

Lessons from a quarter year of publishing the Travel blog

“The Vacaywork Travel blog is Up.” On 21st December at 11.30 PM, this is what Ashrith & I posted on our social media accounts. We didn’t know what to expect and how people would react. After returning from Iran, I began our Travel Blog in 2020 for various reasons. We even thought we would travelContinue reading “Lessons from a quarter year of publishing the Travel blog”

The Complete Travel Guide to Mysore, India.

You ask any Kannadiga, “Where was your first trip to?” Very likely, their answer will be Mysuru, aka Mysore. Talk to any non-Kannadiga living in Karnataka; they say they loved it or want to see Mysore. Indeed this cultural capital of Karnataka is s fascinating in many aspects- Heritage, Royalty, nature, wildlife, birdlife, spirituality, artContinue reading “The Complete Travel Guide to Mysore, India.”

Awesome Things to do in Mysore

Travelling from Bangalore to Mysore itself is a beautiful thing to do. You must bear the city traffic for a while. Later you will be rewarded with the long stretch of coconut trees and paddy fields as you get closer to Mysore. The usual hoardings in Bangalore sell Apartments. In comparison, the hoardings near MysoreContinue reading “Awesome Things to do in Mysore”

Complete Travel Guide to the beautiful Bijapur, India

It wasn’t love at first sight when I first visited Bijapur in 2013. A day of seeing only the tourist-centric spots and some faltoo guide explaining fake histories didn’t charm me enough. But the whispering gallery of Golgumbaz and the petal domes in the terrace felt as if they had interesting stories to tell. WhileContinue reading “Complete Travel Guide to the beautiful Bijapur, India”

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