The beautifully ancient – Stories of Madurai, India.

Madurai was never made to the priority list of my travel plans. Studying the Madurai temple complex was part of my architecture academics. I forgot about it down the lane until I saw a documentary on Jigar Thanda, a drink made in Madurai. Slowly, we connected the dots of our interests- Ar Geoffrey Bawa –Continue reading “The beautifully ancient – Stories of Madurai, India.”

The unseen carpet masters of Bhadohi near Varanasi, India.

Making process intrigues me more than the final product always. When I meet the maker, I get that sense of satisfaction after they narrate the reason, ritual and techniques behind it. While travelling in Iran, of course, everyone gets allured by the Persian carpets. So I was. But Ashrith was interested in aromatic Iran riceContinue reading “The unseen carpet masters of Bhadohi near Varanasi, India.”

A complete Varanasi travel guide for the first-timer

That one Indian town that every globe traveller has heard of is Varanasi. With the sunrise behind the holy Ganga river at the ghats and Lord Shiva’s spiritualness, the town can allure avid travellers with the great food and shaded alleys. Here is your complete guide to Varanasi – one of the world’s oldest livingContinue reading “A complete Varanasi travel guide for the first-timer”

Varanasi-city of love, light and life

“Two days in Varanasi wasn’t enough at all – I want to go again”- I KEPT saying this after our 2017 trip.I watched the movie “Masaan.” The burning ghats they showed in the movie shocked me. I watched the movie “Mukthi Bhavan” later. Strangely I was intrigued by Varanasi’s death scenes more than the livelyContinue reading “Varanasi-city of love, light and life”

Travelling with cinema—Iconic film locations around the world.

Movieverse- Part I Any good storyteller can turn your mind towards a unique experience. It not necessarily is a world-famous blogger/explorer. My grandfather who went on a pilgrimage to Varanasi, wrote a diary every day for 30 days during the trip. That Diary is one of the best travel blogs I ever read. My Atte(Continue reading “Travelling with cinema—Iconic film locations around the world.”

What is it like to be an Indian Flashpacker abroad?

ppearance. We all have a “first impression” of someone we just met. After I reply,” I am Sahana / Ashrith, from India”, a few get excited – “Oh Bollywood”. Their first opinions may be based on their mental horizon and how other Indian travellers have behaved. Here is our story – the boons and banes of being a part-time Indian flashpacker.

15 famous Myths about India you must debunk!

It is natural to assume things before knowing a country. I thought most Dutches were stoned all the time because of their Drug Policy until I went there. We assumed most Egyptians would know how to read and write Hieroglyphs. My Mom thought, there is nothing much to see in Thailand other than their beachesContinue reading “15 famous Myths about India you must debunk!”

India travel itinerary

What to best places to add to your India travel itinerary? You have landed on the perfect page. Calling it our homeland by birth, we have live in India since 1987. So naturally, you can see us pondering, wander across many states. You can travel to India for six months and still not be doneContinue reading “India travel itinerary”

Guide And Tips to Shopping in India from an Insider.

India is one of the most affordable countries for budget travellers. From cheapest metal earrings to finely cut Diamond jewellery,- the range of shopping varies from the highest to the lowest. As an admirer of handmade things and an aesthete living in India, I am here to help you go shopping in India at theContinue reading “Guide And Tips to Shopping in India from an Insider.”