What to wear in Egypt as a tourist?

Before thinking if we could walk inside the Pyramids, I wondered what to wear in Egypt! The metres together steep steps of the Pyramids demand you to wear comfortable clothes. So, the closet preparation matters most, especially when you plan to climb some dunes and run on lime-stone hills. So here is a complete guideContinue reading “What to wear in Egypt as a tourist?”

Heritance Kandalama – the real gem of Bawa

Every traveller’s idea of Sri Lanka revolves around beaches. For some, it is mountain hiking. My idea of Sri Lanka was clear – Architect Geoffrey Bawa. I was 19 years old when I read about him first. His concepts of tropical modernism, “outside are Inside”, have greatly influenced me as a student, a working architect, andContinue reading “Heritance Kandalama – the real gem of Bawa”

Complete Travel Guide To Mirissa, Sri Lanka

I am jealous of crocodiles – They often go basking. So the whole point of our Sri Lanka trip is to go basking like crocs with great views and some excellent food. We chose one of the most popular beach destinations of pearl island, Mirissa, and we had the best time sunbathing on the beachesContinue reading “Complete Travel Guide To Mirissa, Sri Lanka”

Galle- Seaside Dutch colony

“East meets West” is the most common sentence we all bloggers use. The truth is, East and West have met each other long ago in many parts of the world. But Galle is a real gem where Dutches met Sinhalas. European and Ceylon port town is my favourite place in Sri Lanka. I regret notContinue reading “Galle- Seaside Dutch colony”

What to wear in Sri Lanka

If you are thinking of packing only shorts and tube tops for your Sri Lanka trip or only full pants and tunics because it is a Buddhist country, you must go through this post. Sri Lanka is vivid, and you must pack your bags with various clothes too. Here is your complete guide to whatContinue reading “What to wear in Sri Lanka”

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