Why was White Desert the Best Place in Egypt?

While packing our bags that morning in Giza, we thought we were leaving the place in Egypt. The weather was pleasant, unlike the previous days. Hoping for a friendly company like Ibrahim’s, we began chatting with our new guide Mamdouh. The No Man’s roads to the white desert I have always loved driving on theContinue reading “Why was White Desert the Best Place in Egypt?”

Cairo Chronicles with the scary Sandstorm.

What is our mood while travelling? – It is always Laaaalalala. Somehow we both (and I think most people) forget everything and dive deep into the present while travelling. You hardly face any negative vibes from strangers – You may not say hello/hi to those strangers you see every day while jogging in the neighbourhood.Continue reading “Cairo Chronicles with the scary Sandstorm.”

7 Awesome Things to do in Luxor, Egypt.

The list of amazing things to do in Luxor is longer than you think! Luxor isn’t just a small town with a heap of historical ruins in ancient Thebes “There are temple ruins in this ancient Thebes. Luxor jaw dropping stories, astonishing facts and bizarre landscape lining beautiful architecture. Read our post ” Guide toContinue reading “7 Awesome Things to do in Luxor, Egypt.”

Travel to Amazing Abu Simbel | Day Trip from Aswan, Egypt

When you travel to Abu Simbel, you will realise each temple in Egypt tells a different story, either visually or Historically. The temple of Abu Simbel tells you an astonishing story of a transposition. You may have already read about the Philae temple that was also transposed. Plus, the road to Abu Simbel is whatContinue reading “Travel to Amazing Abu Simbel | Day Trip from Aswan, Egypt”