21 Best Things to do in Santorini

It may be Angelina Jolie jumping off the cliff in Tomb raider 2 or Hrithik & Katrina Kaif romancing Meherbaan song; most travellers know this town full of white houses crowned with blue domes in the Caldera. The grey pavement, white walls, and blue dome feels like a perfect canvas painting. The town’s colour paletteContinue reading “21 Best Things to do in Santorini”

Are Pyrgos and Perisa the most Beautiful Part of Santorini?

As much as I loved Santorini, I don’t deny that it is a touristy spot. – Obviously, it is bound to attract people globally with its beauty – So No complaints. On the 4th/5th day of our stay in Santorini, I wondered how authentic Cycladic villages looked and functioned. When I look back, I amContinue reading “Are Pyrgos and Perisa the most Beautiful Part of Santorini?”

What is it like to go Sailing in Santorini?

On our first day in Santorini, there was a moment when I doubted the cluster of tiny houses on a faraway mountain to snow! A part of the hill was maroon, and the rest was dark brown. The afternoon sea colour was light blue. Late afternoon, it glittered silver. By evening, it began to glowContinue reading “What is it like to go Sailing in Santorini?”

Where to see the worse and best Sunset in Santorini

Santorini is most famous for its sunset with the backdrop of the Cycladic village of sugar-cube houses. After staying for a week in Santorini, we are clear about the best and not so best places to witness the magical phenomena of sunset. Here is a list of the best and worst places to witness gorgeousContinue reading “Where to see the worse and best Sunset in Santorini”

Why you should pamper yourself at a Luxury resort in Santorini?

You may be thinking – “what are these two mid-range flashpackers doing in a luxury resort?” Adding a pinch of luxury to the budget travel is our thing on most trips. Greece was our first foreign trip together. We planned the entire trip based on the availability of this particular hotel – Dana Villas inContinue reading “Why you should pamper yourself at a Luxury resort in Santorini?”

Which is the best area to stay in Santorini?

Greece may not be the most expensive country in Europe, but it can break your fortune when you book rooms in the tourist hotspots like Santorini. A room with a view of the city centre costs you a bomb. This 75sqkm big island has eight towns with many cliffside villages and few beachside towns. TheContinue reading “Which is the best area to stay in Santorini?”

A guide to Santorini – how to plan the perfect trip?

Flashpackers/ Backpackers and group travellers – Everyone loves to sunbathe on the Santorini sands with amazing views of blue domes of white churches and pastel-coloured houses popping everywhere. When a place is this beautiful, it ought to attract 2millions of tourists a year. After spending splendid seven days here, we will help you enjoy theContinue reading “A guide to Santorini – how to plan the perfect trip?”

Is Greece’s Meteora sunset the best in the world?

If we want to settle in a town other than our hometowns in India, Meteora is our first choice! Taller mountains, floating monasteries, good food, great coffee, beer, fantastic hiking trails, indescribably beautiful reddish-pink sunset and perfect mountains to watch them in a small town makes Meteora a paradise. Here is your complete guide toContinue reading “Is Greece’s Meteora sunset the best in the world?”

Travel to the Golden ruins of Athens

When you ask people who travelled to Athens, you receive different reactions. “It was awesome to hike through the ancient ruins. The tiny juice bars serving Orange juices keeps your hike in the sun energised. I could stay there for 4 days” “Agora was just some leftover stones in rubbles. I liked the hilltop ofContinue reading “Travel to the Golden ruins of Athens”

Appetizing food Guide to Greece

If your tongue and tummy are happy, your mind is happier. You fall in love with a place more when their food is excellent. Finding tasty yet healthy authentic plus cheap food is not an easy job. As a first-timer and a non-vegetarian, all I knew about Greek food was their seafood. As for myContinue reading “Appetizing food Guide to Greece”

Is Shopping in Greece affordable?

Is Greece cheap for travellers? Nope! The monasteries tucked inside the rocky mountains and serene sand with turquoise seawater are certainly not easy for a budget traveller. So shopping in Greece makes it even worse. As much as you love shopping, you will hate losing your fortune on a piece souvenir. On our first-ever internationalContinue reading “Is Shopping in Greece affordable?”

What to wear in Greece – Packing list and Clothing Tips.

I didn’t think much about what to wear in Greece because I felt nothing could go wrong in the Mediterranean; I packed clothes suitable for summer without jackets & warmer clothes. Unfortunately, that is where we were wrong. The late evenings in Santorini were as cold as 15*C, and Meteora monasteries followed a strict dressContinue reading “What to wear in Greece – Packing list and Clothing Tips.”