Bygone and beautiful- Chettinad Travel Blog

As a true Indian non-vegetarian, Chettinad meant “tasty spicy chicken and quail curries” for me. Sahana’s favourite Attanggudi tiles and Chettinad sarees surfaced occasionally. But we never knew a mansion town existed in this region until we read about Tamil Nadu & South East Asian country connections. Indeed Tamilians were India’s first maritime traders. HereContinue reading “Bygone and beautiful- Chettinad Travel Blog”

The beautifully ancient – Complete Madurai travel blog

Studying the Madurai temple complex was part of my architecture academics. Down the lane, I forgot about it until I saw a documentary on Jigar Thanda, a drink made in Madurai. Slowly, we connected the dots of our interests- Ar Geoffrey Bawa – Sungudi Saree- a Temple town and Jigar Thanda. Over a night busContinue reading “The beautifully ancient – Complete Madurai travel blog”