Zaanse Schans – Windmills, cheese and sheeps

Something bright and vividly beautiful happens every March to May in Holland: the carpet of Tulips bloom in all colours all over the field. Of course, all of us got to see it. In fact, this is the sole reason for many travellers to visit Holland. The most famous places to see these flower bulbsContinue reading “Zaanse Schans – Windmills, cheese and sheeps”

Why is Giethoorn the Best of Dutchland

There are these brick houses on either side of a canal. Those houses have pitched roofs with thatch. The footpaths beside the canal are lined with lawns and flower beds. So there you are, rowing your boat, listening to nothing other than ducks quacking, birds chirping, and water splashing. You keep crossing wooden bridges thatContinue reading “Why is Giethoorn the Best of Dutchland”

Two Indians in Europe for the very first time

Each time you travel to a country, many things surprise/shock you. Culture and tradition, architecture, food habits, civic responsibilities, the standard of lifestyle, talkable topics, degree of privacy- Each thing differs from nation to nation. So when we travelled from Aisa to Europe for the first time, the experiences were vastly different. How do IContinue reading “Two Indians in Europe for the very first time”

A Tourist Story on Amsterdam Drugs : High and Low Dope Scene.

Updated on 29 January 2023 – Post Covid Travel Update – Netherlands have no Covid-19-related restrictions or requirements for travellers entering the Netherlands, including those from countries outside the EU/Schengen Area. Except for China. But the tourist visa process may take longer than before as the Netherlands also receives lakhs of work visa applications. PlanContinue reading “A Tourist Story on Amsterdam Drugs : High and Low Dope Scene.”