Two Indian women travellers at Phuket Walking Street, Thailand.

I am a Cultural & History Buff, not a night party owl. My mother loves beaches and mountains. So wandering in Phuket Walking street at Patong, which is famous for sex tourism in Thailand, was not on our priority list. Ashrith has been on boy’s trips to Thailand multiple times. I had heard about theContinue reading “Two Indian women travellers at Phuket Walking Street, Thailand.”

Old Phuket – The Bohemian Vibe

Wherever I go, heritage and history fascinate me most. Of course, empty beaches & serene mountains are my dreams too. But nothing can beat the less explored side of a town that is famous for its nightlife and beaches. A city steeped in history, with its architecture influenced by Europe, houses colourful mansions reflecting theContinue reading “Old Phuket – The Bohemian Vibe”

High Quotient of creepiness at Railay.

This may offend many men reading my post. I don’t intend to corner anyone or any particular country. The story here is purely based on what we went through and what we witnessed at Phra Nang cave beach and Railay bay on that particular day. Who were my Co-Passengers I am writing this post twoContinue reading “High Quotient of creepiness at Railay.”

Five fantastic days in Phuket

Chiang Mai got something for everyone, it lacks beaches. On the southern side, Phuket is home to beautiful islands and even mountains, sexy walking streets, historical streets, marine life for scuba divers & beach resorts. Call it Family-friendly or party people’s paradise; you can’t dislike Phuket if you take a slight deviation from the touristContinue reading “Five fantastic days in Phuket”

Should you visit Karen Long Neck villages in Thailand?

Ethical travelling and Karen Long neck villages in Thailand! One of the easiest words to write and the toughest to achieve in reality. Before going to Northern Thailand, I wondered if it is humane to go to a village to “See/ gaze” at a particular tribe. The best way to know an answer to theContinue reading “Should you visit Karen Long Neck villages in Thailand?”

Chiang Rai – Tribals and Extreme artists

Buddhism is all about calmness, poise and meditation; I thought so until I saw Chiang Rai temples extremeness! I could not even imagine a Buddhist temple would have a Michael Jackson painting inside. The bright blue colour and grandeur is a contrast to the rest of Thai temples & Buddhism’s simplicity. The city’s uniqueness isContinue reading “Chiang Rai – Tribals and Extreme artists”

Is Coffee capital of Thailand -Chiang Mai worth the hype?

Chiang Mai is perfect for rejuvenating from the busy cities and experiencing Thailand beyond beaches, closer to the mountains. From hipsters to monks, Wats to walking streets, hiking trails to cafes – Chiang Mai is unique to all the cities in Thailand. In this post, you see an ordinary part-time traveller confessing how she misjudgedContinue reading “Is Coffee capital of Thailand -Chiang Mai worth the hype?”

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