Let’s Travel to Cappadocia for Chimneys, Cheese and Wine.

From snowy to lush green mountains, Turkey’s natural wonders are as fascinating as its history and culture. Be it a cave house or a weird penis-look-alike rock, Cappadocia’s magical landscape is the strangest of all. You can call it “Moon-like”, “Alien”, or “Extraterrestrial,” – Cappadocia justifies all the above words. I was surprised to seeContinue reading “Let’s Travel to Cappadocia for Chimneys, Cheese and Wine.”

What to shop in Turkey?

“Get me a Turkey towel from Turkey.” This was the most asked sentence before we left for Turkey. Turkey’s special cotton thread used for its fabrics has caught everyone’s eyes. Those who drink tea in Turkey won’t return without buying a cup. Recently after a few famous Turkish series on Netflix, many asked me aboutContinue reading “What to shop in Turkey?”