What are good things to buy in Austria?

Austria’s charming shopping streets never fail to invite you. Supermarkets in small towns hide that herb your pension host uses in their Käsespätzle. The musicians busking bring more cheerfulness when you sit on a bench after “you happily shopped till you dropped” This legit post took birth after” two almost shopaholic women” went shopping inContinue reading “What are good things to buy in Austria?”

How to Travel Through Austria on a budget?

“Mighty mountains, pristine lakes, stunning streets for strolling, the intriguing history behind royal castles, fine wine, delightful music, lively public square – Along with these comes a threat to the pocket. ““Mountain peaks with views are too steep to climb, too captivating to ignore & expensive to take the cable car. Your nostrils can’t escapeContinue reading “How to Travel Through Austria on a budget?”

45 Fascina Facts About Austria You Didn’t Know.

Witty or wacky, silly or severe – I found some unique things about Austria – the land of lakes, mountains and charming towns. 1. Austria gets confused for Australia! Silly but true. These two nations are at two different ends of the planet. Google often shows you search results related to Australia when looking forContinue reading “45 Fascina Facts About Austria You Didn’t Know.”

Is it Easy to be a Herbivore in Austria?

Cheese and Organic farming can describe delicious Austrian food wholly. But Austrian hunting tradition dates back to historical times. Worldwide hunters consider Austria to be one of the most hospitable hunting grounds. Organic farming and hunting – With these two contrasting words, is it easy to get Vegetarian food in Austria? Here is your guideContinue reading “Is it Easy to be a Herbivore in Austria?”

What to wear in Austria -Packing and Clothing Tips

Those towering Austrian holy churches that appeared on travellers’ blogs reminded me of the mistakes I made at Meteora monasteries. Moreover, the landlocked country with no beaches was an obvious sign that I should pack modest and conservative clothes. Plus, I was confident – Austria would never get hot. I thought I knew what exactlyContinue reading “What to wear in Austria -Packing and Clothing Tips”

15 Essential things to know before you travel to Amazing Austria

“I am dying to visit Austria”- Not many people say this. Because of its high price, backpackers tend to skip it. Family vacationers prefer Austria’s surrounding nations, and the package tours include only Vienna in their hopping European cities tour. So you won’t find as many Austria travel blogs as you see for other famousContinue reading “15 Essential things to know before you travel to Amazing Austria”

How to get Austria Tourist Visa?

With a dream of wandering in the Austrian hills to listen to the cowbells and eating buckets of cheese with wine, I applied for Austria Tourist Visa for my mom and me – The immense joy comes with excitement and a lot of confusion with a pinch of fear; because 2020 showed us that anythingContinue reading “How to get Austria Tourist Visa?”