Complete Travel guide to Austria.

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Do you want to witness hundreds of hues of green on a highland, listening to the chimes of cowbells?

Have you dreamt of soaking in soulful classical music and listening to the stories of wealthy royals?

Dare to dive in pristine blue waters by the hillside?

Do you want to sip the world’s finest coffee and forget the world in a plaza filled with heritage monuments?

Let us Travel to Austria – the “Land Of Music” and home to piquant cheese.

What to know when travelling to Austria?

White marble statue of goddess Athena with golden ornamentation in AUstrian Parliament building

Is it easy to get Austria tourist visa?

It is never “a piece of cake” for Indians to get Schengen Visa. “My dream is to travel to Austria” – Not many tourists claim this. So getting an Austrian tourist visa is less painful than in many other Schengen countries. Continue Reading…….

Trail hut cafe with signpost by the cliffside in Austria

15 Essential Tips for Travelling in Austria

The small alpine nation looks overwhelming when you begin to plan. But your Austria travel plan can be easier with our 15 essential tips. Continue Reading…….

Tyrolean performers wearing traditional outfits at a show in Austria

What to wear in Austria as a tourist?

Those towering Austrian holy churches on travellers’ blogs reminded me of my mistakes at Meteora monasteries. Moreover, the landlocked country with no beaches was an obvious sign that I should pack modest and conservative clothes. Continue reading………

Cafe in austria with blur door and grafitti inviting guests

Visiting Austria as a Vegetarian

Cheese and Organic farming: The two words can describe delicious Austrian food wholly. But Austrian hunting tradition dates back to historical times. Worldwide, hunters consider Austria to be one of the most hospitable hunting grounds. Organic farming and hunting – With these two contrasting words, is it easy to get Vegetarian food in Austria? Continue Reading…..

statue of queen maria teresa ub Austria

45 Outré Austrian things

Witty or wacky, silly or severe – I found some unique or weird things about Austria – the land of lakes, mountains, music and charming towns. Continue Reading……

A hiker resting by the cliffside watching blue colour wolfgangse lake

How to Plan your trip to Austria on a budget?

Everyone wants to visit Austria until we realize how expensive it is. While wandering in Austria for half a month, I have done some right things to save money. As a flashpacker travelling with my 58-year-old mother, I valued comfort over budget sometimes. Also, I made a few mistakes unknowingly that hit my wallet a little stronger than I expected.
Continue Reading…….

mannequins wearing light blue, yellow and bottle green themed dress in austria

How to go shopping in Austria without going bankrupt

After reading my previous posts, you may wonder what a mid-ranger budget-conscious flashpacker could buy during her Austria travel days. Continue Reading…

Perfect 15 Days Austria Itinerary

Four Fantastic days of exploring the most beautiful province of Austria – Tirol

Soulful Seven days in Salzburg – Lakes, castles, cakes and mountains

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