Complete Travel guide to Austria.

Do you want to witness hundreds of hues of green on a highland, listening to the chimes of cowbells?

Have you dreamt of soaking in soulful classical music and listening to the stories of wealthy royals?

Dare to dive in pristine blue waters by the hillside?

Do you want to sip the world’s finest coffee and forget the world in a plaza filled with heritage monuments?

Let us Travel to Austria – the “Land Of Music” and home to piquant cheese.

What to know when travelling to Austria?

statue of  Athena in white marble with gold ornamentation at Austrian parliament house in vienna

Is it easy to get Austria tourist visa?

It is never “a piece of cake” for Indians to get Schengen Visa. “My dream is to travel to Austria” – Not many tourists claim this. So getting an Austrian tourist visa is less painful than in many other Schengen countries. Continue Reading…….

signboard showing difficulty levels of hiking trails at Saint gilgen in Austria

15 Essential Tips for Travelling in Austria

The small alpine nation looks overwhelming when you begin to plan. But your Austria travel plan can be easier with our 15 essential tips. Continue Reading…….

austrians in traditional tyrolean dresses performing for folk songs at Innsbruck

What to wear in Austria as a tourist?

Those towering Austrian holy churches on travellers’ blogs reminded me of my mistakes at Meteora monasteries. Moreover, the landlocked country with no beaches was an obvious sign that I should pack modest and conservative clothes. Continue reading………

graffiti on a cafe wall at innsbruck showing man with a long nose

Visiting Austria as a Vegetarian

Cheese and Organic farming: The two words can describe delicious Austrian food wholly. But Austrian hunting tradition dates back to historical times. Worldwide, hunters consider Austria to be one of the most hospitable hunting grounds. Organic farming and hunting – With these two contrasting words, is it easy to get Vegetarian food in Austria? Continue Reading…..

statue of maria teresa holding leaves in hands at Vienna

45 Outré Austrian things

Witty or wacky, silly or severe – I found some unique or weird things about Austria – the land of lakes, mountains, music and charming towns. Continue Reading……

woman hiker in hiking attire walking at schafberg high point with view of wolfgangse below

How to Plan your trip to Austria on a budget?

While wandering in Austria for half a month, I have done some right things to save money. As a flashpacker travelling with my 58-year-old mother, I valued comfort over budget sometimes. Also, I made a few mistakes unknowingly that hit my wallet a little stronger than I expected.
Continue Reading…….

two woman mannequin wearing green and blue combination dress at a salzburg store in austria

How to go shopping in Austria without going bankrupt

After reading my previous posts, you may wonder what a mid-ranger budget-conscious flashpacker could buy during her Austria travel days. Continue Reading…

Perfect 15 Days Austria Travel Itinerary

Three days in Vienna

Two days in Lower Austria

How to plan your Vienna Holiday

Travelling to Austria’s capital city? Before you head there, you need to know a few things: Where to stay? Is Salzburg better than Vienna? How to get around, Buying vIenna pass etc. Continue reading…

25 Awesome things to do in Vienna in 3 days

On paper, Vienna had everything a history buff like me craves – History, Architecture, street art, charming alleys and coffee. The city hides many things besides its colossal palaces & museums. So this is an assorted list of the best things to do in Vienna that shows why a non-museum lover like me fell in love with the city. Continue reading…

Wandering in Wachau valley by the Danube

Wachau Valley caught my attention when my mom and I decided to travel to Austria. I love wine, and we both have a soft spot for small towns. I wasn’t wrong in planning two days of strolling and sailing through the quintessential charming towns by the Danube side because it is my mother’s favourite place in Austria. Continue reading…….. 

Four Fantastic days of exploring the most beautiful province of Austria – Tirol

tyrolean house with balcony flowers by the meadows at kirchberg in austria

In Praise of Doing Nothing at Kirchberg

Kirchberg is a hamlet within a hamlet. The rugged peaks on the horizon border the rolling meadows and smaller lakes dotting the land mass. And I learnt to “Appreciate Doing Nothing” here. Continue reading…..

man carrying a guitar bag on bicycle going in the old streets of innsbruck

Guide to planning Innsbruck Summer Trip

When I think of Innsbruck, I get dazed – It is Austria’s alpine capital with loads of history. We call this a city, but it has a stunning mountainous landscape. It is cosy enough to call a town; the skyscrapers prove it is a city. So you need to know that; Continue Reading…

series of slopedroof houses with different colour facade on the banks of river inn with alps mountains partly covered in fog behind at innsbruck city

13 Amazing things to do in Innsbruck for two days

Summer in Innsbruck – Yay or Nay? Totally yay! Many think Innsbruck isn’t worth their time in the “non-ski” season. Trust me; the city is an excellent mixture of history, stunning landscape, beautiful river bank and adventurous hiking trails. So when you travel to Austria in Summer, these 13 things of Innsbruck; Continue Reading…..

Soulful Seven days in Salzburg – Lakes, castles, cakes and mountains

indian woman holding salzburg card at castle entrance

How to plan a week of holiday in Salzburg on a mid-range budget

Travel Guide to Salzburg in Austria – Where to stay, how to get around, which pass to buy and what not to do. Continue Reading……

group of two green domes on church tower next to a large black dome at Salzburg in austria

24 cool and unusual things to do in Salzburg in a week

Despite being such a small city, are there many things to do in Salzburg for a week-long week? Surprisingly yes! Hikers to history buffs, shopaholics to “cake-aholic”, Salzburg feels like it is designed to keep all kinds of visitors happy. Continue Reading….

traditional salzkammergut style house full of balcony flowers on the bank of green colour wolfgangsee lake in austria

Why do I call “Saint Gilgen” the prettiest town of Salzkammergut?

When you think of Austria, you don’t hear the town “Saint Gilgen” as much as the big giants like Innsbruck or Salzburg. But it is the most charming town, and you must add it to your Austria Travel itinerary. Continue Reading…..

winding roads of Grossglockner high alpine road surrounded with snow capped mountains

Driving on Austria’s highest road like a serpentine to Grossglockner

Austria’s Grossglockner High Alpine Road- The name says it all. You drive in one of the Alps’ highest mountain ranges. But what hides behind the name is the “Journey which is more beautiful than the destination.” Continue Reading……..

view of hallstatt village from the lake

Why am I asking you not to go to Hallstatt in Summer?

Hallstatt is a picture-perfect village home to less than 800, but more than a million tourists visit annually. The bus tours make it easier for “social media-oriented tourists.” That half-day trip to Hallstatt felt more like visiting an amusement park or a circus than experiencing the village. Continue Reading……..

brass tap with lion head at augustiner beer garden

Coolest place in Salzburg – Augustiner beer garden

Augustiner Beer Garden in Salzburg – A holy heaven! Never I thought I would associate the word “holy” with beer and write a detailed story on one hangout place. Until I went there, I wondered why this place was so hyped. Now I claim it deserves even more fanfare. Continue Reading…..

St Bartholomew's Church on the bank of green lake konigssee with brown painted onion domes on white walls surrounded by alps mountains

The Bavarian day trip from Salzburg to Konigssee and Eagle’s nest

Eagles nest and Konigssee Lake – Aren’t they in Germany? So why am I calling it a day trip from Austria’s Salzburg? Because from Salzburg, Germany border is 7km away. And the most scenic nature of Germany -The bavarian region, is an hour away from Salzburg by bus. The postcard pictures I saw on the internet; Continue Reading…..

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