Comprehensive Travel Guide to Belgium.

Many globe trotters travel to Belgium for Tomorrow Land Festival. It is the most famous thing in Belgium. Apart from that, you often see Belgium on the news because the EU headquarters is in Brussels.

But little do we know that this small nation is the birthplace of the most loved food in the world, French Fries! Talking about Belgium and not mentioning chocolates and waffles is a crime.

Wait, we aren’t done with what this country is famous for – The guy who invented the fraction, the musical instrument Saxophone – There is much more to Belgium than I thought before travelling.

This quick and comprehensive guide is for those planning to travel to Belgium for a short period and enjoy the best.

indian traveller stairing at the gian imitation statue of Mannekin pis infornt of a waffle shop at brussels during his travel to Belgium
15 Essential Tips for your trip to Belgium

Belgium is not an off-beaten place, but mid-range budget travellers avoid it because of the cost of living for tourists. There are ways to save money when you travel to Belgium. Read More…

countryside of belgium with a narrow asphalt road lined with small trees and european style villas on a clear blue sky day
A road trip between two Schengen countries

The tranquil scenery in the countryside of the Netherlands and Belgium is a perfect road for Road trips. It isn’t rocket science, but there are certain things you must know while on a road trip between two Schengen countries. Read More…

various types of waffles on display at a shop in Brussels, Belgium
Brussels – Waffles, Gothic architecture and beyond

We can come up with ten reasons to visit Brussels but trust me; the main reason has to be waffles and Chocolates. Beyond chocolates, Brussels is happening with architecture and beautiful streets for wandering. Read More…..

weirdly trimmed tall trees infront of a gothic church at bruges and people walking infront of it during their travel to Belgium
Bruges – Is it the most romantic city in Belgium?

Five hundred castles, hundreds of bridges, lots of swans, narrow corbelled alleys, steep gabled roofs, brick buildings with louvred windows, a tall Gothic tower popping out in the skyline – Doesn’t it sound like a scene from a Disney fairytale movie? That is Bruges for you. Read More…..

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