Belgium Travel guide

15 Essential Tips for your trip to Belgium

Belgium is not an off-beaten place, but mid-range budget travellers avoid it because of the cost of living for tourists. But there are ways to save money in Belgium. Read More….

A road trip between two Schengen countries

The surreal scenery in the countryside of the Netherlands and Belgium is a perfect road for Road trips. It isn’t rocket science, but there are certain things you must know while on a road trip between two Schengen countries. Read More….

Brussels – Waffles, Gothic architecture and beyond

We can come up with ten reasons to visit Brussels but trust me; the main reason has to be waffles and Chocolates. Beyond chocolates, Brussels is happening with architecture and beautiful streets for wandering. Read More…..

Bruges – Is it the most romantic city in Belgium?

Five hundred castles, hundreds of bridges, lots of swans, narrow corbelled alleys, steep gabled roofs, brick buildings with louvred windows, a tall Gothic tower popping out in the skyline – Doesn’t it sound like a scene from a Disney fairytale movie? That is Bruges for you. Read More…..

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