Egypt Travel Guide

Do you want to know how it feels to be inside a Pyramid?
Do you want to roam in the real locations of Assassin’s Creed Origins?
Have you ever wondered about the filming location of the Suraj Hua song from the Bollywood movie K3G?

Let me take you to the Nile’s child and the Pharaohs’ land.

Gold mask of Tut-Ankh-Amun Egypt

Essential Travel things you must know before visiting Egypt

How to get Egypt tourist Visa and how much does it cost?

In India, there are two Egypt embassies – New Delhi & Mumbai. Living in Bangalore, we were left with no other choice other than to go through a travel agent to submit the Visa application forms in Delhi. Getting the Visa wasn’t tough but not the easiest one though. Continue Reading…….

15 Essential Travel Tips for your Egypt trip

The land of Pharaohs and impeccable natural beauty is a dream of many travellers. Thrills come with some tricks. Egyptian currency left lane driving, plug point, money-saving tips, safety & scam – These are things to know about Egypt before you travel. Continue Reading…….

What to wear in Egypt as a tourist

Egyptian Men & women wear “Jalebiyas” – a long straight kurta kind of a thing. Sometimes it is colourful, like in Nubian villages or solid plain ones in the cities. Most women wear modern clothes like pants and waist-length tops along with a scarf on their heads. Continue reading………

Mouthwatering Food guide to Egyptian Delicacies

In any part of the world, village food tastes the best. So on our way to the White desert, we stopped at Bawiti village for lunch. We were shocked to see that five-course meal on our table in that tiny remote village – This is the best meal we have ever had outside India. Continue Reading……….

Why is it tricky to book hotels in Egypt

Being an Air BnB fan and new to hostel culture at that time, booking hotels in Egypt instead of BnB was a little confusing.“The hotel star ratings in Egypt are different from the ones in the US or Canada, and even India. Continue Reading…..

Budget shopping guide in Egypt

Colourful Bazars to Papyrus scrolls, Carpets to cotton clothes, Fresh dates from the desert – The shopping list in Egypt can grow longer. You must know what to buy – what not to buy & know the tourist traps. Continue Reading……

Assassin Creed Origins and Bollywood in Egypt

This is the story of my dream of wandering in the places where Bayek of Assassin Creed Origins wandered along with a bit of Bollywood drama. Like most other Indians, I fell in love with the Suraj Hua Maddham song as a teenager. Continue Reading…

Is it difficult to flashpack / backpack in Egypt?

Most shows/documentaries portray it as if it is an adventure to get out of Egypt alive as a Traveller! DO NOT BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING THE NEWS CHANNEL PORTRAY EGYPT TO BE. What you experience in Egypt can not be done anywhere else on earth Continue Reading…….

Perfect Egypt Itinerary

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