The Complete Greece Travel Guide for First Time Visitors

Essential Things to know before Travelling to Greece

How to get Greece Tourist Visa : Navigating the Hurdles.

I have seen my friends applying for a Schengen tourist visa for their honeymoon. He gets rejected, and her Visa gets accepted or vice versa.. This may shock privileged passport holders: As Indian citizens, we must submit a 50-page document to get Greece tourists. Continue Reading…..

15 Travel Tips for Greece trip

Cost, language, when to see, safety tips, how to book ferries, why not buy a Eurail pass and everything else you must know about Greece before going are narrated in this post. Plus, Historical ruins aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, planning your trip to a variety of places matters in Greece. Continue reading……

Woman traveller wearing skirt standing by the cliffside overlooking Santorini sea in Greece

What to wear in Greece as a tourist

We do research a lot about dress codes while going to middle eastern countries. Thinking of what could go wrong in the Mediterranean country, I packed clothes suitable for Summer without jackets or warmer clothes! Unfortunately, that is where we were wrong. Santorini’s cold evenings and Meteora monastery’s strict dress code must be considered. Continue Reading…..

Traditional Greek Dish Saganaki made of eggplants in a ceramic bowl

Greece food guide beyond Sea Food

There are a lot of similarities between Middle East dishes and Greek dishes – like Dolma. The Fatah cheese, Santorini’s tomatoes grown in volcanic soil, seafood, and mild spices make Greek food unique from the rest. You can always count on the most refreshing Greek Yoghurt to calm your guts down after a heavy meal. Continue reading…….

Cats sitting on clay plates full of souvenirs

Is shopping in Greece affordable?

Is Greece cheap for travellers? Nope! But there are ways to find cheaper, high-quality, authentic “Made in Hellenic” souvenirs. Besides the usual souvenirs like a fridge magnet, we wanted to have a piece of Greece, made in Greece, without breaking our bank balance. Continue reading………….

Perfect Greece Itinerary for 10 days

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