A Comprehensive Travel Guide to Iran.

The coloured glazed tile of palaces for a kaleidoscopic view,
Snow mountains and hot deserts
Architecture to carpets,
Bazars to beautiful streets for wandering,
Green mountains with beautiful lake

Let me show you ancient Persia with the world’s nicest people

White red houses in rows behind hills at Abyaneh, Iran

What should I know before going to Iran?

Iran Visa approval with geometrical pattern as a symbol

Is it easy to get an Iran tourist visa?

Indian passport holders can enjoy visa-free travel to less than 60 countries(2020). Most times, Indians & other developing countries struggle for a foreign national Visa, but an Iran visa is easier if you follow a few steps. But it is toughest for a few western nations like, Continue reading……..

Pencil shop in Tehran with more than 3 million pencils stacked in Iran

15 Things to Know Before You Visit Iran

Is it safe for travellers? What currency must you take? Why can’t you use your credit cards? Mobile apps banned, how to travel without travel agents, religious dress code – you need to know certain things before visiting. Continue Reading……

Iranian man paying money to shopkeeper in busy streets of Grand Bazar at Tehran

What is the most confusing currency in the world?- Money matters

What is more difficult than solving a calculus problem is Iran’s currency. This is the land of friendly people and the most confusing currency. Continue Reading……………..

Woman wearing hijab in Iran standing in front of colourful glazed tile cladded wall in Tehran

What do tourists wear in Iran?

Hijab for women- You may even feel you have lost your freedom to dress up well – You are neither wrong nor completely right. As a tourist, following local customs out of respect is the least I could do. Continue Reading……….

Heap of yellow masala powder in Iran's Isfahan grand bazar

What should I buy in Iran?

Handmade crafts are my weakness. Most of the time, it won’t be cheap. Probably Iran is the only country that suffices all my three rules – Handmade authentic, affordable items. Continue reading…..

Iranians sitting by the tree side outside Tehran Grand Bazar

How friendly are people in Iran?

Every blog I read and every documentary I watched had one thing in common –Iranians are the kindest people they have ever met, irrespective of their strict religious code. Is it true? Continue reading………

Tehran city with dead general Sulemanis hoardings everwhere

The Pathos path of a half-done journey

Why will we go to Iran again? Did something go wrong? Continue reading

Iran Itinerary for first-timers

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