Jordan Travel Guide

Essential Travel things you must know before visiting Jordan

Getting a Jordan tourist Visa wasn’t rocket science. But it was a little confusing. Many other travellers expressed similar things on travel forums. Continue reading…….

A country that doesn’t even make it to the top 100 largest countries has arrays of climates and landscapes. And it is expensive. These 15 tips help you travel better in Jordan and shows you how to save money while travelling in Jordan. Continue Reading…….

Jordan is a bit more liberal than its neighbouring countries & doesn’t have a strict dress code like in Iran, but definitely not as liberal as a western country. As a tourist, there are some unsaid customs you are expected to follow. Continue Reading…….

We loved every bit of Jordan except how expensive it is. Having meals at Mc Donalds was cheaper than an authentic Jordanian cafe. Then, is it possible for budget travellers to buy anything in this expensive nation? Continue Reading

Ideal Jordan Travel Itinerary for nine days

This is where Indian Jones found Holy Grail &
We found the world’s wonder peaceful

Know these Before you go to Petra

Our Two days tale of Petra

Petra seen between two rocks

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