Complete Travel Guide to Sri Lanka.

How should I prepare for a trip to Sri Lanka?

How to get Sri Lanka Tourist Visa?

The connection between India and Sri Lanka starts with the Hindu epic Ramayana. Who built Raama Sethu (Adam’s bridge)? Lord Raama from India or King Raavana from Sri Lanka? There are two different answers from each nation. But the answer to getting a Sri Lanka tourist Visa is Easy. Continue Reading…..

15 Clever tips to plan your trip to your Sri Lanka

When I heard digital nomads’ stories of moving slowly in Sri Lanka for months, I wondered if it is that affordable. I wondered if it is safe to visit Sri Lanka because of several past terror incidences. Safety tips to currency, best season and how to bargain with tuk-tuks, this post got you covered. Continue Reading…..

Is there a dress code to follow in Sri Lanka as a tourist?

If you are thinking of packing only shorts and tube tops for your Sri Lanka trip or only full pants and tunics because it is a Buddhist country, you must go through this post. Sri Lanka is vivid, and you must pack your bags with various clothes too. Continue Reading……..

Sahana’s brush with death in Sri Lanka

This post is about what Sahana did in Sri Lanka that none of you should ever try to do! There is a thin line between being adventurous and being stupid. Unfortunately, Sahana forgot it on that beautiful day in Secret beach of Mirissa. Continue Reading……

Sri Lanka ideal Itinerary

Your complete Sri Lanka offbeat itinerary and hidden places on beaten paths.

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