Turkey Travel Guide

How about tasting delicious Veg Kabab after wandering in the world’s oldest mall?
Later wander in the streets, sipping tea in the most beautiful cups and listening to prayers at a public Plaza?
Then travel to a magical place where the song “Tu-Jaane Na” was filmed to bathe in the pool where queen Cleopatra bathed once?
Lastly, we will end the voyage at the mountain land of beautiful horses that feels otherworldly?

Let me show you how beautiful this Eurasian country is – Let us travel to Turkey

Turkey travel Itineray

White lime formations creating pools on different levels and water cascading over it at Pamukkale, Turkey

Travellers from developed countries usually explore Istanbul during their layover. But for Indians, it is one more length process of submitting 50 pages of documents unless we have a Schengen Visa. Continue Reading….

Turkey may confuse travellers in many aspects. Is it Asian or European? Islamic or Christian? Is the capital city Ankara or Istanbul? Do Euros work as a currency in Turkey? Do I get alcohol or not? Safe or not? Is Hagia Sophia mosque or church? Continue reading…

Turkey being one of my first foreign trips, I was equally worried. Geographically European, culturally Islamic confused me. Hijab-No HIjab, Skirts -no skirts, swimsuits -no swimsuits – Clear your confusions and Continue reading…..

“Get me a Turkey towel from Turkey.” was the most common reply when our friends got to know we were travelling in Turkey. The lamps, teacups, spices and many more are worth buying if you know how/where to buy them. Continue Reading…..

There are a lot of similarities between Middle East dishes and Greek dishes – like Dolma. The Fatah cheese, Santorini’s tomatoes grown in volcanic soil, seafood and their mild spices make Greek food unique from the rest. You can always count on the most refreshing Greek Yoghurt to calm your guts down after a heavy meal. Continue reading…….

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