India Travel guide

Do you want to see lions in the wild outside African Continent?
Have you dreamt of sliding in the world’s youngest mountains – Himalayas?
The land of Yogis, place of architectural marvels, world of vibrance.

Let us take you to our homeland – The world’s largest Democracy – INDIA

India Travel Itinerary

As an Indian living and travelling in the country since 1990, we will tell you 50 Unpolished facts be about India beyond Yoga and poverty. Continue Reading…..

It is natural to assume things before knowing a country. I thought most Dutches were stoned all the time because of their Drug Policy until I went there. You may have heard that my country itself is a slum or everyone are computer geeks. Continue reading…

ncredible India amuses and confuses travellers at the same time with its diversity. Here are 15 Tips for travelling to India by someone who has been living and travelling in India since the 1990s. Contiue Reading……

India is one of the rapidly growing and changing countries. With a rich culture and historical background, most of us wear modest clothing. Does it mean you will be arrested by moral police if you wear shorts? Continue reading….

India is one of the affordable countries for budget travellers. From cheapest metal earrings to finely cut Diamond jewellery, low price coconut shell bowls to highly carved wooden works – the range of shopping varies from highest to the lowest end. Continue reading……..

The mostly tropical, partly cold & a bit of hot+dry climate – my nation is a treasure box of flavours. With the highest number of vegetarians globally, our veg food spread can turn carnivorous into herbivorous. But, with the twist, mouthwatering chicken and fish dishes can make you a meat-eater again. Continue Reading…..

The charm, vividity, delicious food, natural wonders, wildlife, a treasure of the history and culture of India comes up with a few hiccups. So planning a trip to India is solving a Calculus problem. Once you solve it, your limits tend to infinity, and you will come back for more.. Continue reading…..

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