Trail Away To Tranquil- Quaint Kirchberg In Summer

When you travel away from home, have you ever felt homesick? As much as I love experiencing new things, I miss home if I am away for a long time. Of course, the word “long” is subjective. For my mother especially, when she is away from home, of course, she misses her husband. Plus, herContinue reading “Trail Away To Tranquil- Quaint Kirchberg In Summer”

The “Perfect Post Card” town of Saint Gilgen.

When you think of Austria, you don’t hear the town “Saint Gilgen” as much as the big giants like Innsbruck or Salzburg. Neither did I until I saw Wolfgangsee lake on my way to Hallstatt. This post shows you why travelling to Saint Gilgen was the best decision I made during my 15 days AustriaContinue reading “The “Perfect Post Card” town of Saint Gilgen.”

How To Meander through The Charming Wachau Valley?

When mom and I travelled to Austria, Wachau Valley caught my attention. I love wine, and we both have a soft spot for small towns. I wasn’t wrong in planning two days of strolling and sailing through the quintessential charming towns by the Danube side because it happens to be my mother’s favourite place inContinue reading “How To Meander through The Charming Wachau Valley?”

How I fell in love with Vienna in three days.

The world associates Vienna with museums. Does it mean there is nothing else to do? Of course not! The city hides many things besides its colossal palaces & museums. So this is an assorted list of the best things to do in Vienna that shows why a non-museum lover like me fell in love withContinue reading “How I fell in love with Vienna in three days.”

How to Travel Through Austria on a budget?

“Mighty mountains, pristine lakes, stunning streets for strolling, the intriguing history behind royal castles, fine wine, delightful music, lively public square – Along with these comes a threat to the pocket. ““Mountain peaks with views are too steep to climb, too captivating to ignore & expensive to take the cable car. Your nostrils can’t escapeContinue reading “How to Travel Through Austria on a budget?”

Lessons from a quarter year of publishing the Travel blog

“The Vacaywork Travel blog is Up.” On 21st December at 11.30 PM, this is what Ashrith & I posted on our social media accounts. We didn’t know what to expect and how people would react. After returning from Iran, I began our Travel Blog in 2020 for various reasons. We even thought we would travelContinue reading “Lessons from a quarter year of publishing the Travel blog”

Amazing things to do in Luxor – uncovering mysteries

Luxor may be small in size, but don’t let it fool you into thinking, “There are temple ruins in this ancient Thebes. That is all”. Because there is a lot to do/see/hear, and experience here. Here is a list of the Best things to do in Luxor Map courtesy of Wanderlog, a trip planner onContinue reading “Amazing things to do in Luxor – uncovering mysteries”

Awesome Things to do in Mysore

Travelling from Bangalore to Mysore itself is a beautiful thing to do. You must bear the city traffic for a while. Later you will be rewarded with the long stretch of coconut trees and paddy fields as you get closer to Mysore. The usual hoardings in Bangalore sell Apartments. In comparison, the hoardings near MysoreContinue reading “Awesome Things to do in Mysore”

Varanasi-city of love, light and life

“Two days in Varanasi wasn’t enough at all – I want to go again”- Sahana and her mom kept saying this after their 2017 trip. Wondering why they loved it so much, I watched the movie “Masaan.” The burning ghats they showed in the movie shocked me. I watched the movie “Mukthi Bhavan” later. StrangelyContinue reading “Varanasi-city of love, light and life”

When I almost died in beautiful Sikkim

I vaguely remember seeing the Himalayas at Kedarnath and Badrinath when I was six. Every time I saw snowfall virtually, I dreamt of touching it in real. On 2017 New Years’ night, it was super spontaneous when I decided to go to Sikkim next month along with Ashrith’s sister Akshatha. Since Ashrith already had beenContinue reading “When I almost died in beautiful Sikkim”

Travelling with cinema—iconic film locations around the world

Movieverse- Part I Any good storyteller can turn your mind towards a unique experience. It not necessarily is a world-famous blogger/explorer. My grandfather who went on a pilgrimage to Varanasi, wrote a diary every day for 30 days during the trip. That Diary is one of the best travel blogs I ever read. My Atte(Continue reading “Travelling with cinema—iconic film locations around the world”

What is it like to be an Indian Flashpacker abroad?

ppearance. We all have a “first impression” of someone we just met. After I reply,” I am Sahana / Ashrith, from India”, a few get excited – “Oh Bollywood”. Their first opinions may be based on their mental horizon and how other Indian travellers have behaved. Here is our story – the boons and banes of being a part-time Indian flashpacker.