When I almost died in beautiful Sikkim

I vaguely remember seeing the Himalayas at Kedarnath and Badrinath when I was six. Every time I saw snowfall virtually, I dreamt of touching it in real. On 2017 New Years’ night, it was super spontaneous when I decided to go to Sikkim next month along with Ashrith’s sister Akshatha. Since Ashrith already had beenContinue reading “When I almost died in beautiful Sikkim”

Travelling with cinema—iconic film locations around the world

Movieverse- Part I Any good storyteller can turn your mind towards a unique experience. It not necessarily is a world-famous blogger/explorer. My grandfather who went on a pilgrimage to Varanasi, wrote a diary every day for 30 days during the trip. That Diary is one of the best travel blogs I ever read. My Atte(Continue reading “Travelling with cinema—iconic film locations around the world”

What is it like to be an Indian Flashpacker abroad?

ppearance. We all have a “first impression” of someone we just met. After I reply,” I am Sahana / Ashrith, from India”, a few get excited – “Oh Bollywood”. Their first opinions may be based on their mental horizon and how other Indian travellers have behaved. Here is our story – the boons and banes of being a part-time Indian flashpacker.

15 famous Myths about India you must debunk!

It is natural to assume things before knowing a country. I thought most Dutches were stoned all the time because of their Drug Policy until I went there. We assumed most Egyptians would know how to read and write Hieroglyphs. My Mom thought, there is nothing much to see in Thailand other than their beachesContinue reading “15 famous Myths about India you must debunk!”

What is it like to observe Amsterdam and the Drugs?

Updated on 29 January 2023 – Post Covid Travel Update – Netherlands have no Covid-19-related restrictions or requirements for travellers entering the Netherlands, including those from countries outside the EU/Schengen Area. Except for China. But the tourist visa process may take longer than before as the Netherlands also receives lakhs of work visa applications. PlanContinue reading “What is it like to observe Amsterdam and the Drugs?”

Reel to Real – ACO and Bollywood in Egypt

Left picture courtesy – Sebastien Primeau Disclaimer: Apart from the screenshots of our game recording, all other ACO Pictures are taken from Adobe Art Station. We claim no right to their pictures. Hence we have kept the Ubisoft watermark wherever applicable. We have used it for mere comparison purposes only. This is my story ofContinue reading “Reel to Real – ACO and Bollywood in Egypt”