Is it ethical to visit Karen villages in Thailand?

Ethical travelling! One of the easiest words to write and the toughest to achieve in reality. Before going to Northern Thailand, I read and thought a lot, if it is humane to go to a village to “See/ gaze” at a particular tribe. The best way to know an answer to the doubt is byContinue reading “Is it ethical to visit Karen villages in Thailand?”

Chiang Rai – Tribals and Extreme artists

Buddhism is all about calmness, poise and meditation; I thought so until I saw Chiang Rai temples extremeness! I could not even imagine a Buddhist temple would have a Michael Jackson painting inside. The bright blue colour and grandeur is a contrast to the rest of Thai temples & Buddhism’s simplicity. The city’s uniqueness isContinue reading “Chiang Rai – Tribals and Extreme artists”