Travel Videos – Two minutes of Visual Voyage

Travel videos have become ubiquitous in the age of social media and YouTube. Though writing is our passion, we do often take videos. We treat it like a dessert of our travel experience, not the main course. No meal is complete without desserts. Right? And many folks love the deserts we have crafted.

These desserts are listed country-wise and are dated. When videos are dated, it is easier to relate the present to the past.

What makes our Travel Videos unique?

Our videos offer a unique perspective on travel. It isn’t just about showcasing the popular tourist destination and the hidden gems many people don’t know about. Instead, you get to see the local side of the places, from the best street food vendors to the most charming neighbourhoods. It’s like having a personal tour guide without actually being there.

Whenever we watch other traveller’s videos, we love the ones with less noise! So apart from light music, you won’t find any commentary – You will see minimal texts to give an insight into what we are showing, that is all – So you don’t have to worry about listening, reading and watching simultaneously.

Plus, these videos are short and sweet. It gives you an overview of a destination within two minutes. We understand, those long 3500 words blogs aren’t everyone’s favourite. Sometimes you prefer to see before you read.

So if you are more into short videos or “watch before you read”, go ahead for the visual treat of our travel voyage with 2-minute short videos.



Greece- 2018


JORDAN- 2019




TURKEY -2018

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