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Welcome to the land of vacaywork, where we challenge the notion that globetrotting is reserved exclusively for full-time wanderlusters.

Do you truly need to wave goodbye to your job to become a citizen of the world?

In short, the answer is a resounding no. While a few may opt for a career exit to embark on endless adventures, it’s far from the sole pathway. With our trusty 9-to-5 gigs in tow, we’ll show you how to have your cake and eat it too.

Does it mean you depend on tour organizers for everything?

Nope! With a little research and effort, you can travel alone without going on an organised trip – And it is more fun that way! After all, travelling for yourself by yourself is an ethereal experience. We aren’t superheroes – If we can do it, you can too.

What is vacaywork all about?

Vacaywork is a travel blog for those who seek travel experiences across global destinations and go for a vacation without completely breaking the bank balance – After all, we mortals have to get back to work after a splendid break from work!

Vacaywork started as a personal travel memoir. So it was for us – Sahana and Ashrith. a married couple from India.

vacaywork authors Sahana and Ashrith at Shirakawago Observation deck during winter
Travelled to Japan in Winter- the cheapest month to visit the expensive yet beautiful nation

But soon, we realised, this can be a great travel resource for thousands of others who wish to travel the world part-time like us!

In vacaywork, you find travel itineraries, tips related to budget, safety, public transport, food, culture and dozen other things; so that you can craft your travel plan and go ahead on your own! These things are crafted keeping nine-to-fiver like us in the mind.

Gone are the days of choosing between a fulfilling career and a fulfilling life. With Vacaywork, you can have both!

We seek experiences.

Nature, architecture, history and food anywhere and everywhere attract us. We believe travelling is the neatest way to broaden our horizons. Sharing stories here makes us live in those done voyages again. So you find stories, history, a quick architecture insight, travel guides that include getting Visa(it matters a lot to us as Indian travellers), what to eat, what to wear, how much it would cost and everything else about a place you must know as a traveller.

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