Travelling high in the Austrian Alps.

Austria’s Grossglockner High Alpine Road- The name says it all. You drive in one of the Alps’ highest mountain ranges. But what hides behind the name is the “Journey which is more beautiful than the destination.” As of now, the road Abu Simbel reminded me of this phrase. Now Austria’s high alpine road adds to that list.Continue reading “Travelling high in the Austrian Alps.”

Why was White Desert the Best Place in Egypt?

While packing our bags that morning in Giza, we thought we were leaving the place in Egypt. The weather was pleasant, unlike the previous days. Hoping for a friendly company like Ibrahim’s, we began chatting with our new guide Mamdouh. The No Man’s roads to the white desert I have always loved driving on theContinue reading “Why was White Desert the Best Place in Egypt?”

Lessons from a quarter year of publishing the Travel blog

“The Vacaywork Travel blog is Up.” On 21st December at 11.30 PM, this is what Ashrith & I posted on our social media accounts. We didn’t know what to expect and how people would react. After returning from Iran, I began our Travel Blog in 2020 for various reasons. We even thought we would travelContinue reading “Lessons from a quarter year of publishing the Travel blog”