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augustiner beer garden in salzburg city with conical roof monastery and a baroque style tall tower with onion dome next to it

Augustiner Beer Garden in Salzburg – A holy heaven! Never I thought I would associate the word “holy” with beer and write a detailed story on one hangout place. Until I went there, I wondered why this place was so hyped. Now I claim it deserves even more fanfare.

So this post clears all your questions on why drinking beer in Augustiner Braustubl is an experience and not just a place to drink.

Why am I fond of Augustiner beer garden?

With German heritage, beer culture is an obvious part of Austria. But Augustiner Braustubl has a very different experience from the typical bar in various aspects. The beer is brewed onsite and is served in a stone pitcher directly from the wooden barrel!

There is no fancy continental food here. But you can devour local delicacies sold in stalls of the corridor. This gave me a bazar vibe with Austrian touch- ‘Schmankerlgang’ is a market in the arcade!

Indoor or Outdoor?

You can choose to sit either in the cosy setting of the Braustübl or beneath the big chestnut trees of the beer garden of 1000 seats! Or sit inside traditional halls of traditional decor.

You don’t need any reservation for this place. You grab seats wherever they are available on a busy day. Otherwise, you pick the best spot that suits you: Either away from the crowd or with the crowd.

I suggest staying with the public here.

I don’t know German. But mom and I had fun at a table next to a group of Salzburg Grandpas- All they did was laugh their hearts out every five minutes. And run to use the bathroom at least every 30 minutes – Because their table was always filled with at least 12 largest available beer mugs.

The beer garden is old school, yet not outdated. Their beer is extraordinary yet affordable – Wait, there are more surprises.

They call it the” true institution” for beer lovers.’

The Augustiner Brewery is located at Old historical area of Mulln- The heart of Salzburg. The concept of Prince Archbishops, who ruled Salzburg independently, was a brain teaser for me. When I saw a brewery inside a church, it confused me even more. The Augustinian monks founded the Augustiner brewery in 1621! Who says monks can’t have fun?

Between 1607 and 1614, a monastery was erected for the Augustinians, and by 1621 they founded the Augustiner Brewery in Salzburg Mullen.

A jewel of Salzburg beer culture.

They continue to brew as per the traditional recipe. And most of it by hand. The brewery commissioned an external agency to combine the latest technology with age-old tradition, and it looks like they did a fine job. The brewing method is more of “artistry” based on the Purity laws set by monks. The monastery halls have a series of boards narrating all these stories.

The Architectural renovation of Augustiner Beer Garden.

The wooden rafters and wooden floors you see now may not exactly date back to 1621- Because the place has gone under several renovations. First, they closed the tavern after WWI and reopened it in 1921. Then WW2 destroyed most parts of the monastery and brewery. So renovations and restorations done later are true to originality – almost exactly as good as the old one, they say.

Suppose you have observed the cast iron signage in the old Salzburg area like Getreidegasse; you will definitely admire Augustinery brewery’s cast iron advertisement sign.

Is Augustiner beer garden really a place where locals come to drink?

Tourists surround each other more than locals in a world-famous city like Salzburg. Tourism brings in a multicultural angle. When overdone, the town may even lose its authenticity. However, Austria has a good way of dealing with the new age and holding on to its traditions. So Salzburg still thrives with its cultural charm. Augustiner Brastrubl is an example of it. 

As a tourist spending a week in Salzburg, I find it hard to claim “Authenticity.” Or label something as a “place where locals go.” But I am going to do it for the Augustiner beer garden.

Brastrubl means brewery – But Augustiner is a meeting place.

At the “Spicy spices” restaurant, I was talking to the Indian chef.

He introduced us to a Salzburgian family, who were his regular clients. The chat began with why Salzburgian mother and daughter loved Indian veg food. Plus, how dad wanted to go to Augustiner beer garden badly! This ignited the trinket when the man explained in detail why he loves to hang out with friends at Augustiner beer garden and how good their beer is.

Then, while sipping Radler, he said, “If you want to see how Salzburgians have fun other than playing golf at “XYZ” and eat Austrian cuisines least affected by tourism, you must go to Augustiner.” The conversation ended with his big laughter at his vegetarian wife and daughter. They disagreed with him for calling Augustiner the best place in Salzburg. And I convinced my mom to go there the next day.

Tips for a visit to the Augustiner beer garden and brewery.

Experiencing Augustriner braustrubl is not rocket science. But it may be intimidating if you don’t know what to do there- Because it isn’t like a regular bar. The waiters aren’t mean or grumpy. But they stood there and looked around when mom and I stood clueless about going ahead!

  • It is within walking distance of the old town. Thu nearest bus stop is Mullner strobe. From Mullner stop, it is a 200m slightly sloped uphill walk. Check Obus and google transit for other routes that reach here.
  • They have a private parking area – It matters a lot in Salzburg.
  • We stayed in the beer garden till 10.30PM. The place shuts at 11. There was an announcement, mostly in German and partly in English, at 10.30 saying there were 30 more minutes left. At 11, they turn off the lights. So leave before that or be prepared to walk with your phone flashlight after 11PM.

They have a variety of beers. But on that particular day of summer, there was only one kind.

  •  Most of the Augustiner beer brewed gets sold here at Bastrubl itself. So they have a limited number of places outside the brewery where you can buy it. Unlike Ottakringer beer, which you get in most restaurants, finding Augustiner beer isn’t easy.
  • If you want to float in Augustiner beer at home, you can buy the bottles at the brewery. Follow ” Rampenverkauf ” sign. They sell bottled Augustiner beer there.
  • Entering the beer garden from the main entrance is too mainstream.– The unique staircase from the back door in the Augustinergasse takes you along the passage that feels like a bazar with food stalls! Walking in the cloisters gives you the vibe of a holy place. But knowing it is a beer place makes you even more excited.
  • Once you enter, explore the halls – You see statues of patron saints in the hall where people are getting tipsy! Don’t forget to look above for the wooden ceiling. The traditional decor with wooden panelling on walls ends where “wassail” inscriptions start. The calligraphy looks like a part of the creeper plant, which signifies “be in good health” or “toast.”
  • After having seen a few halls, pick your food. Vegetarians have limited options, but the mushroom with cheese salad was heavenly. Next, walk down the staircase towards the garden. It is a self-service area. Choose a table and keep your food (if the place isn’t crowded).

Then look around.

  • You will find the shelf stacked with grey colour stone mugs. The cashier sits before the shelf. You must go to the shelf first and pick your mug size out of 4 sizes. Show it to the cashier and pay as per the size and type of beer- if you don’t know the German language like me. They will ask you the kind of beer if they have a variety on that day. If it is only one, they give you the token. You can ask for a randler to mix 50% beer with lemonade.
  • Then walk left to the shelf to wash your stone mugs in water from a beautiful antique tap. This ensures your mug is clean and cold for your beer.
  • You will see men in yellow shirts standing beside a wooden barrel opposite the wash tank. Hand over your token to the man in yellow shirt The handmade drink from heaven is poured into your mug fully and foamy!
  • Go back to your table – Sit with locals if you want to make new friends. Or choose an empty table under the tree- The paradise is yours.

It was a unique experience! With no table service and being surrounded by locals and tourists, Augustiner beer garden is an awesome place in Salzburg to have the best end to your day.

Would you visit Augustiner Braustrubl after reading our post? Let us know in the comment section below.

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