Guide to Crafting Egypt Itinerary beyond History.

While making Egypt Travel itinerary, some may add a few pyramids and a temple and say “That is it -Egypt is all about history and I am done with it for a week.” Whoever is thinking that, are going to miss the best chunk of Egypt!

But Egypt is beyond historical sties and unpopular among tourists

Somehow, all developing nations get highlighted for their negative things more than the positive. So is Egypt. To top it, about 95% of Egypt’s land is desert. So most of the world thinks there is no natural landscape in Egypt. Only when we travelled to the white desert, we realised Egypt’s natural wonder is as spectacular as their history.

Birds eye View of house surrounded by palm trees in the heart of Luxor's desertf

Honestly, even after researching a lot before booking air tickets, we have missed many things. As a part-time traveller, when we can’t extend our holidays beyond a date, it becomes hard to choose what to see and what not to. Although you can’t miss pyramids and Egyptian temples, history and architecture may not be everyone’s cup of tea. After Egypt’s trip, we began to jot down other places we wanted to see.

Our guide to crafting your Egypt travel Itinerary helps you plan better

This is a fine combo of – Architecture, History, good food, relaxed time by the Nile and Nature


palm trees by the NIle river side surrounded by sand dunes
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How many days to spend in Egypt?

If you want to see Egypt’s famous historical attractions and a lot of natural wonders, you will need a minimum of four weeks – This may come as shocker to many! People consider travelling to Europe for a month is cool, but not to some place like Egypt. But it is the fact.

However not all of us can afford to do that, we can craft our Egypt itinerary for two weeks and come back for more later.

You got to be like them – laid back and take it slow

Why is a short trip of 15 days to Egypt better than a long trip?

Though there is a lot to explore and experience in Egypt, we prefer to split the Egypt vacation into two parts. Egyptians are on their way towards a prosperous nation – financially and politically. As Indian citizens, we clearly understand the difficulties of developing nations recovering from 1900s colonisation.

How good is Egypt’s infrastructure?

Egypt’s infrastructure is yet to take good shape so that it may overwhelm many tourists like us. Getting from point A to B isn’t easy. Public hygiene is yet to come to a decent state in most parts. So though country isn’t expensive for visitors, travelling through Egypt gets expensive because you likely depend on private transport systems.

This can get your frustrated if you travel through Egypt for a longer time. To trick the situation Egypt’s weather also has some major influence.

Read our post “Is it easy to travel through Egypt by yourself” to know more.

What is the best month to go to Egypt?

camels with colourful blankets on their back sitting on the mud path of Nubian village

Egypt’s weather must be the main criterion for picking travel time. We went in January winter, which was an offseason. Somehow we can bear the cold with good clothing, but not the soaring heat of 50*C in Egypt’s summers.

How do I plan a trip to Egypt?

man sailing on the egypt's mediterranean sea
Location Dahab. PC : Unsplash

After travelling through beautiful Egypt for ten days, go somewhere else before Egypt’s flaws overwhelm you. Club your Egypt trip with Jordan or Israel.

But keep in mind that when I say flaws, I don’t intend to bring Egypt under a creepy order. Every nation has it’s flaws irrespective of it’s financial condition. Germany may be easy for travellers to get around. But browns like us have to face a lot of racism.

Japan is one of the cleanest nations with the best transport system I have encountered. But the suicide rate in Japan is high despite being such a developed nation. So give Egypt time to rise back to it’s ancient glory and don’t stop yourself from exploring this gem.

Getting around in Egypt

golden sky at NUbian village by the riverside lining nubian vaults and boats on the nile

While you have a fair idea on what all to see, you must think of how you will get around when Egypt’s public transport is slim. If you are cool with renting a car and drive in Egypt by yourself, check Kayak for rental options. BUt keep in mind that, Egypt’s traffic scenario is similar to India’s and Iran’s.

Avoid cruise as much as possible.

Hiring a car with the driver in Egypt.

The best way to enjoy Egypt is to have a person to take you around. When you do this, you don’t break your head on driving. Yet can have your own time in private tours. We used Your Egypt tours” and had a great time.

Places to visit in Egypt.

Clerestory windows in Karnak temple

If you have read our other posts, you know why we want to travel to Iran again. Obviously, we can never see everything in a place as a traveller. It doesn’t mean we want to go to the same country again and again. If we do so, there will never be an end.

But Egypt is the only nation that we both strongly feel we should go to again. For sure, we haven’t had of Egypt enough.

These are the places we visited back in 2019

man sitting on sidewalk bench at old cairo filled with historic buildings

Unless you plan to cross the borders on land from Libya, Israel, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, Cairo will be your first landing point after flying. So did we. Cairo was amazing. But we aren’t happy with how we explored Cairo. Because of that sad Sand storm and underestimating the beautiful city, we wanted to see more of Cairo; we spent less time than what the city deserves.

So Besides Cairo, I am leaving the rest out of what we have already seen from our next trip and hoping to see the Noth East, Northwest and Central Egypt more. It is tempting to add Nubian village yet again, but let me concentrate on Northern Egypt (Lower Egypt) for future travel plans.

Egypt Itinerary

When you craft your Egypt itinerary, do a lot of research. Pick your likes and have a combo of nature, temples, rivers and dunes.

Things to explore in Lower Egypt

map sowing various cities for egypt itinerary

Alexandria – Siwa – Cairo – Faiyum (Fayoum)- Wadi Hitan National Park- Menia – Dandarah (Dendera temple complex) – Hurgadah – Sinai Peninsula ( St. Catherine Monastery- Sinai Mountain, Sharm El Sheikh- Taba)

This itinerary may need solid 15-18 days, at least if you plan to take in a bit slower pace and by road. I can’t stress enough why you should not rush to Egypt. The places are beautiful beyond your imagination. The city traffic is more chaotic than you believe it to be. So pick a few places carefully if you are in Egypt for a shorter period.

Sharm-El-Sheikh at Sinai Peninsula Photo By Sergii Shchus on usnplash

Baron Empain Palace at Cairo. Photo by -Yousef Salhamoud on unsplash

Why you should add these places to your Egypt Itinerary

cyan colou ocean water at Egypt
  • Alexandria- The Mediterranean city of Egypt for some amazing Greek history. It is the most modern city in all of Egypt I read.
  • Siwa Oasis – Turquoise water holes, adobe citadels, ancient mud houses and desert – These can be any nature lover’s dream. Since it is 150km away from the Libya border, taking special permissions from government authority may be necessary.
  • Cairo – Obviously pyramids at Giza again, more mummies in the new museum, Coptic Cairo, Baron Empain Palace ( A strange building that looks like an Indian temple), Gharbia Governorate for jasmine farms, hopefully, an affordable Belly dance show and Kosher meals at Abu Tarek.
scuba divers and a school of fish underwater at Hugradah in egypt

Scuba diving in the Red sea of Egypt. Photo by -Aviv Perets

  • Faiyum – One of the oldest villages in the world amidst Turquoise lakes and waterfalls.
  • Wadi Hitan National park – to see the skeleton of 14 million-year-old whales in the desert!
  • Menia- A huge land full of conical dome cemetery
  • Dandarah – The most colourful temple in all of Egypt.
  • Hurghada- Scuba diving & the turquoise water of the Red sea for some sunbathing
  • Sinai Peninsula- for beaches and the mosques Sharm-El-Sheikh, canyons hiking, St Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai, Taba and cross the border to Israel!
sinai mountains of egypt

Sinai Peninsula Canyons. Photo by – Dyaa Eldin Moustafa on unsplash

So when you pick a variety from each category, you will realize why 10 days in Egypt isn’t enough and also how beautiful the nation is.

Did we help you craft your Egypt travel itinerary better? Let us know in the comment section below.

black stone mountains on yellow desert in egypt
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