Thailand Travel guide

Essential Travel things you must know before visiting Thailand

How do I get a visa to visit Thailand?

The direct non-stop flights, easy visa process, cheaper vacation – Indian tourists can’t be happier than this. . Though Thailand Visa is easy to get for many nationals, the recent phenomena of Begpacking from a few western travellers are causing trouble. Continue Reading…..

15 Essential Tips for your Thailand Trip

The second highest visited town in the world is Bangkok. So Thailand being one of the world’s top travel destinations, it is easy to get caught in a tourist trap and lose out on experiencing authenticity – This post shows how to escape these wisely and have a super budget-friendly Thai holiday. Continue Reading…….

What to wear in Thailand as a tourist

Seeing the sexy pictures of Thai beaches on Instagram, we all tend to pack vests and shorts along with flip-flops. You may even pack a couple of Coverups for the bathing suit. But, if your packing list is this – You got it wrong & will end up being disrespectful to local tradition. Continue reading…….

Can I get vegetarian food in Thailand?

If someone says there is no good Veg authentic Thai food, ignore them and devour the veg delicacies in Siam. And Indians, keep your guards down. Stop eating Dal Bhati or Dosa and munch on the red/green curries with rice. Continue Reading…….

Thailand shopping guide for authentic things beyond malls

When two “almost” shopaholic women who love handmade craft items travel to ancient Siam are sure to spend money on shopping. While most tourists flock to malls and the “made for tourists” market, we explore a few genuine markets where we bought unique made-in-Siam stuff. Continue Reading…..

Are 15 days in Thailand a waste of time?

It is common for full-time travellers to spend months together here but not among the rest. As a part-time traveller, I was asked zillions of questions about why I was planning to travel to Thailand for 15 days. Few of the questions were interesting, while more of them were annoying. A few suggestions were forceful and awful Continue Reading…….

Where should I go in Thailand for 2 weeks?

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