Two magical days of Petra -Jordan

At 5.45, at the hotel’s breakfast area, we sat and wondered -“Wow, hundreds of us are going to hit the road to this mysterious city today! It is just one hotel, and already we are a herd of tourists, imagine the crowd there! “ Once we began wandering in Petra, I thanked God for so manyContinue reading “Two magical days of Petra -Jordan”

Wadi Rum – Space trip to Mars

Index Where to stay How to Reach. Why Visit Wadi Rum Know before you go  Places to see. Ride with us on the dunes. Where to stay in Wadi Rum The most common picture of Wadi Rum you see on the internet is of the bubble hotel. They are fascinating but aren’t pocket friendly. So ourContinue reading “Wadi Rum – Space trip to Mars”

Amman – Welcome to the old Philadelphia

Before you read ahead – Don’t skip Amman. It is layered beautifully, and it isn’t just a gateway to big giants like Petra and Wadi Rum. Little tired after our flight journey from Cairo to Amman and getting stuck at Amman’s traffic from the airport to the city, we decided to ditch all the plansContinue reading “Amman – Welcome to the old Philadelphia”

What is famous in Jordan for shopping?

If you have already read our other posts on Jordan, you know now – Everything in Jordan is expensive compared to many other countries. So shopping in Jordan seemed to be extravagant for us. Still, we roamed to find something that falls under our budget and is unique to Jordan. As expected, most things wereContinue reading “What is famous in Jordan for shopping?”

15 Essential Jordan Travel Tips to stay on budget.

Tiny country-huge surprises: Jordan doesn’t even make it to the top 100 largest countries. But has arrays of climates and landscapes. The layers of rich history started in the Paleolithic period and span through the Hellenistic (Greek empire) period, Ottoman rule, and at last, the establishment of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. After travelling inContinue reading “15 Essential Jordan Travel Tips to stay on budget.”