How to get Jordan Tourist Visa

Indian citizens are eligible for E-Visa and Visa on arrival in less than 60 countries. Other than for certain South-East Asian countries, we always have to submit a pile of documents and a lengthy procedure to follow for most of the nation’s visas. With an active Schengen / USA/ UK Visa or residence permit card of UAE, the Visa obtaining process may get simpler.

Is Jordan visa-free for Indians?

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Jordan Visa was one of the simplest to get as an Indian traveller, with tweaks and perks.

In 2019 January, Indians were eligible for a tourist Visa on Arrival, staying up to 14 days. However, after our trip, their MFA website stated that Indians needed to contact our embassy to confirm their eligibility for a few days. So on the day, I write this post, it has again become visa on arrival for Indians. Unfortunately, the website is too confusing to read. & things keep changing concerning their Visa policies. So get in touch with the right Visa organiser who knows about the Visa Procedure in Jordan.

Does it mean getting a Jordan tourist visa is difficult?

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Nope. Public transportation in Jordan doesn’t help tourists much. Most locals also depend on private group vehicles for daily commute. So renting a car for self-driving (if you are used to right-lane driving) or hiring a car with a driver is better. We hired the car with a driver from Jordan select tours. While we wondered where or how to get Visa, Jordan select tours emailed saying, “The free visa is available for clients staying two and more nights in Jordan.” So the Visa fees were waived at the airport, and it went on as smooth as their Humus.

Fill in the form in the link of Jordan select tours and add the code “Vcywrk” in the last “Additional comments” row to book your car and an itinerary tailored as you would like at a discounted price.
Email your requirement directly to and add the code “Vcywrk” at the end of the email as a discount code to avail of discounts on its service.

We don’t recommend it unless we experience service from a company while travelling. I know how bad service can ruin your entire trip. So you can trust us here with Jordan Selce tours as had a super fun travel experience with their driver Yusuf Jaber.

How much is the tourist visa in Jordan?

Single Entry Visa Fees is 40 USD(One-month validity) if you go by yourselves.

Can I get a Jordan visa online?

More than 120 nation citizens are eligible for Jordan’s Tourist Visa on arrival. Honestly, their tourism website gives a clearer version than the MFA website. So check there and proceed accordingly if you are travelling in Jordan by yourself.

Is travel insurance needed for Jordan?

It wasn’t mandated by Jordan MFA while applying for E-Visa, but we always prefer to have one.

What documents do you need to enter Jordan?

Two-way flight journey tickets and proof of sufficient funds in the form of a Bank statement and proof of stay is what you must submit. Along with the bank statement, it was mentioned that we must carry hard cash of 1000USD / person to show it as proof of finance at the Immigration check at Amman Airport. Having that much cash while travelling is the last thing we ever wanted to do.

So, we took 500USD/person and our 6-month bank balance proof plus credit card balance sheet. However, at the immigration checkpoint, they did not ask for any such guarantees. So, It is better to have some money along with your bank statement.

Do I need a Covid test to enter Jordan?

Their official websites say that we don’t need to submit the negative PCR Test, but it is mandatory to produce a full vaccination test. Having the COVID test done thrice, I know how painful it is. But I still recommend you to carry the negative test report wherever you travel for your good.

Can I enter Jordan by land at the Israel border?

We met a fellow traveller from Argentina who entered Jordan by land from Israel. So this is a thing many travellers do. She got off her bus on the side of Israel, crossed the border and entered an office booth on Jordan’s side. There were a few minutes of checking her passport and E-Visa grant. So make sure you have E-visa if you enter Jordan from Israel by land.

Is Amman airport good and fast at Visa Process?

Queen Alia International Airport at Amman is not a major international airport. Hence air traffic is lesser when compared to Dubai or Doha. Still, the airport works smooth and efficiently. So crossing the immigration checkpoint and exchanging currency is more accessible at the airport. We observed another strangest thing here is many big steel bins arranged near the check-in counter to dump your clothes! I think the luggage weight policy is different from other airports, so many travellers empty their bags here. So people pulling out extra clothes with sad faces is a common sight in Amman airport.

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