How to get Turkey tourist Visa for Indians

 Indian citizens are eligible for E-Visa and Visa on arrival in less than 60 countries. Other than in Southeast Asian countries, we always have to submit a pile of documents and a lengthy procedure for most of the nation’s visas. Most time, Schengen Visa, USA Visa, and UAE residency cards make Indian traveller’s lives easier. For those who don’t have any of it, a month-long wait along with submitting a 50-page document is the only way to go.

Turkey Tourist Visa for Indians is one such thing – But it is worth it.

Indian travellers syanding infront of Hagia Sophia smiling

We smile as broadly as we are in the picture whenever we receive an approved Visa.

After that not-so-good “Four more shorts please” season 2, many of my friends and social media followers asked me this. “The girls leave for Turkey within a few minutes after hearing about their lonely friend crying in Turkey. But you say it is a laborious process. How come?

Well, most times, what they show in the movies is not true. So, like an Indian or any other developing country citizens, you can’t do- “Book a oneway ticket to Turkey and never come back.”

Indian tourists are eligible for Turkey’s E-Visa if only we have a Valid Schengen visa OR valid residence permit from one of the Schengen Countries.

Indian travellers riding a scooter in the isolated area of Cappadocia filled with weird formations and mountains on either side

Turkey is safe for travellers if you avoid border areas – That is us riding a motorbike in the isolated areas of the fairy chimney land of Cappadocia.

Though Turkey is neither in the EU nor one among Schengen, Turkey sticker Visa demands the same effort you put into a Schengen Visa. As someone who often goes through rejection/acceptance, we understand you most. As much as we prefer travelling by ourselves, we prefer a company for getting our Visa. Who wants to lose money on booked flights and hotels? We always go through iVisa to ensure we get the documents in line. And we don’t lose our fortune.

Hot air ballons in the air above Cappadocia valley

Tell me, isn’t this view worth your little work to get a Turkey Tourist Visa????

With our Schengen Visa in hand, it took us 15 minutes to get our Turkey Visa approved. We had to submit a Schengen Sticker Visa and an air ticket. In the next 10 minutes, we got our Turkey Visa.

Heads Up: We were suggested to carry a printed Turkey Visa permit, and thank god, we did the same. If your mobile network is weak and airport wifi isn’t available, you will be made to run around to produce the proof of E-Visa. So carry a printout without fail.

Immigration clearance in Turkey

Travellers line in front of Blue mosque in Istanbul

The Line at Istanbul airport immigration counters was longer than this!

Istanbul being the headquarters of Turkish airlines, two of its airports were always busy and worked super efficiently. Somehow the officers didn’t question us a lot like how they do in most western countries. Perhaps the Schengen Visa must have made a difference.

So if you are an Indian with a 36 layover in Istanbul and have thought of having a sneak peek in the city, make sure you have a stronger visa in your weaker passport. Otherwise, keep your stomach empty to hog in Istanbul airport and sleep on a cafe couch: because that is all we Indians are allowed to do with our weak passport.

White terraced traventines filled with turquoise water at Pamukkale

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