How to get Greece Tourist Visa : Navigating the Hurdles.

Getting a tourist Visa to the land of mythical tales, ancient treasures, sun-kissed shores, and lip-smacking delicacies-Greece is the first step you take while planning your trip. It may not be a rocket science, it needs (a lot) of work if you are from developing countries like us!. Gathering 50+ page document isn’t a child play after all!

I have seen my friends applying for Greece tourist visa for their honeymoon. He gets rejected, and her Visa gets accepted or vice versa. The list of documents published on the Schengen website may not be sufficient for those couples who apply for visas before marriage. With just two words,” Insufficient documents” and “Invalid reason”, you get your Passport back from the embassy without a Visa sticker.

So let me show you how we scored a Schengen tourist Visa from Greece with all minute details that needs to be added to your paperwork.

greece tourist visa front image showing ruins of parthenon in athens
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What is the purpose of the Schengen visa?

white chirch with blue dome overlooking aegan sea on mountains of pygos in greece

The official Schengen website says – “Schengen Area signifies a zone where 26 European countries abolished their internal borders, for the unrestricted movement of people, in harmony with common rules for controlling external borders and fighting criminality by strengthening the common judicial system and police cooperation.” I am not here to talk about their trade /foreign/political policies. But this is what an Indian and any other tourist with a weaker passport must know.

What are the benefits of Schengen tourist visa?

With a Visa from any one of the 26 Schengen countries, you can travel to all the other 25 countries – For Example, with a Greece Visa as it is one of the Schengen countries, we could travel to the Netherlands too.

typical dutch house made of brick with green windows
In the Netherlands with Greece Tourist Visa

But the Visa you obtain must be from that Schengen country where you first land. If you are entering Greece first and then heading to Belgium, you must get Schengen Visa from Greece Embassy.

Can I visit Turkey with Schengen visa?

Bright brown mountain by the seaside  with white cube houses on top of it at Santorini in Greece

The tourist hotspot- Santorini

With a Schengen Visa sticker on your Passport, you become eligible for many countries’ E-Visa. For e.g., we could easily get a Turkey visa online within a few minutes with a Greece visa in hand. If we hadn’t had a Greece visa, we had to go through a similarly lengthy process for Turkey too.

In addition, most eastern European nations like Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria and North American countries like Peru allow Indians with Schengen visas to apply for an E-Visa.  So if you have an active Schengen Visa, your Passport gets wings.

Where can I apply for Greece Tourist Visa?

Various service companies  provide Visa services to different countries. Ensure you are aware of these service providers concerning your first visiting Schengen Country. You must apply for Greece tourist Visa through VGC WORLD in India.

tourists chilling on the black sand beach of perissa on sunbed under a thathc hut in Greece

Do I need to approach an agen to get Greece Tourist Visa?

Applying for Schengen Visa by yourself is convenient if only your city has the visa issuance service company of the country you are visiting. For Example, my city Bangalore has a Greece Visa application centre. So submitting the documents after fixing an online appointment was easier.

Suppose your city doesn’t have a particular visa application centre, take the help of a travel agent. You have to travel to the other city for applying first and attend a personal interview later and lastly, collect your approved/disapproved Visa with your Passport. Some may deliver it to a courier. But it is a lot of travelling.

Things to be careful about before Apllying for Greece Tourist Visa

  • Know the type of Schengen Visa you need– Multiple or Single Entry-  Multiple entry visa lets you exit/enter the Schengen area various times within the specified period. With a Single entry Visa, you can’t enter any Schengen countries once you exit the Schengen area. For Example, We went to Greece first, then Turkey, and the Netherlands. So we had to take multiple Entry Visas.
  • Keep in mind that the country you receive the Visa from should be the first country of landing. For Example, you can’t get your Schengen Visa from Greece and land in France before Greece.
  • The legitimate documents with 100% clarity are the key to getting your Visa request approved.
picture of Greece tourist visa sticker on Indian passport
  • Without valid air tickets and room reservations, the Visa may be rejected. If rejected, the non-refundable air tickets can crush your travel dreams and bank account. Always book fully refundable air-tickets
  • Book refundable accommodations-If you are unsure where you will stay for how many days, many hotels/ hostels book your room with zero cancellation charge/minimum cancellation charges. You cancel these later once you get the Visa and change it later.
Half opened cyan colour double door at meteora train station in greece

On a rainy evening, Meteora – magical sunset & game of thrones. Meteora

  • Do not mention any unclear things in that “namesake” itinerary you submit to the embassy. For Example, if you say in your itinerary that you are travelling from Athens to Meteora by train and don’t submit the confirmed train ticket, it may get you into trouble.
  • Be ready to attend personal interview if asked.

What documents are needed for Greece tourist visa?

This is a list of documents you need to submit. Some of these are supporting documents which aren’t mentioned on Schengen website. I have discussed in detail how arrange these documents with certain specifications in the later section.

  1. Cover letter addressed to Embassy of Greece stating why you are travelling to Greece and for how long
  2. Visa application form. Fully completed and signed.
  3. Photos as per specifications.
  4. Travel Insurance policy
  5. Day to day itinerary:  Though you are flashpacking/backpacking, hook up an itinerary with place of staying.
  6. Accommodation proof.
  7. Confirmed air tickets (Ferry tickets if you are mentioning that your are taking a ferry between two islands)
  8. Income Tax Return Copy
  9. PROOF EMPLOYMENT – NOC from your workplace and leave approved letter
  10. FOR MARRIED COUPLE – Government authorised official marriage certificate.
  11. PROOF FOR MARRIAGE IN THE FUTURE FOR UNMARRIED PEOPLE APPLYING AS A COUPLE– Like Engagement photos, wedding invitation in English, parent’s consent letter for the trip.
  12. Proof of funds : Proof of financial means. You gotta prove that you’re not gonna be a financial burden on the Schengen while you’re there. The best thing is to submit your bank account statement of previous 6 months.
  13. COVID Vaccination Certificate

How do I arrange my documents when applying for a visa?

one point perspective view of parthenon during sunset at athens in greece

The Perfection should be similar to that of Parthenon’s Optical Correction.

Perfect documents are the key to get your Visa. For those earning a regular monthly income, Schengen Visa paperwork is easier. Because income tax returns, regular salary slips, and other work-related documents are easier to get. Along with that, you will need some ten more documents.

What are the supporting documents for tourist visa in Greece?

Suppose you are new to the job or unemployed and don’t have the previous six months’ salary slip and ITR; you need to submit supporting documents.

vacaywork author sahana sitting on the cliff seeing the cluster of red tiled roof of Kalambaka in greece

If you’re short on funds for your trip and don’t have a bank account to show for it, don’t fret! Just get your generous friends or relatives to vouch for you by signing an “official affidavit of support” at the relevant office. And don’t forget to bring the genuine article when you apply for your visa.

You should make sure that you provide enough documents to convince the embassy that you are just a tourist, not an economic immigrant planning to stay in their country to make a fortune.

What kind of Travel Itinerary to prepare while applying Greece Tourist Visa?

As for your travel itinerary, it’s basically a written record of your grand adventure, complete with juicy details like your reason for going, when you’ll be there, and all sorts of personal info. If you’ve got a fancy hotel booked or a formal invite from a Schengen resident, make sure to include that too!

Cover letter for Greece schengen visa for honeymoon.

vacaywork author sahana holding a baby tortoise in hands by the road sidesurrounded by hills in meteora in greece

Honeymooners who apply for a Schengen Visa before getting married must state that you will be married by the time you enter Schengen area and provide the documents to prove your statement. Like your weeding invitation in English, engagement photos, your parent’s approval letter.

Cover letters must be addressed to Embassy of Greece and addmust say the details like purpsoe of your travel, duration, accompanied/sponsored by whom etc.

What is considered as proof of Accommodation for a schengen Visa?

vacaywork ashrith chilling in a cave pool opening to infinity overlooking caldera in santorini

A document that shows where you will be accommodated throughout your stay in Schengen. This can be one of the following with every applicant’s name mentioned in the confirmation voucher with the complete address of the place.

When you book BnB / hotels/hostels for both of you, ensure you enter both of names in full. There have been incidents where a few tourists were rejected Visa because their name wasn’t mentioned in a few room bookings!

How much bank balance is required for Greece tourist visa?

tourists in greece boarding ferry at santorini port

It depends on your number of your stay in Greece. The consulate specifies a minimum of 50 Euros/day. So if you are in Greece for 5 days, you must have money equivalent to 300€ along with the proof of paid accommodation.

If you can’t prove this amount through your bank account, get a sponsorship letter from your family members or friends and don’t forget to add your relationship with the sponoror. Along with sponsoring letter, submit the sponsoror’s bank statement of past six months and their ID proof.

How much does a Greece Tourist visa cost from India?

We paid 6400Rs as Visa fees and 2500 Rs as+ 2000Rs as the service charge.It is best to carry cash to the centre because most Visa service centres don’t accept cards.

Found our guide to getting Greece Tourist Visa helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

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