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Seeking top international travel resources to enhance your trip planning and experience? Beyond daydreaming and inspiration, early research is vital, especially if you’re from a less passport-privileged country like India. While casual reading and vlogs are useful, reliable platforms for booking flights, accommodations, and obtaining visas are essential. And this guides you help you exactly with that.

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Selecting the right accommodation platform is vital; your sleep and the essence of your trip are intertwined. Trust these travel resources for booking your stay.

accommodation booking resource logo

I’ve used since 2013 for 50+ bookings without any problems. Seek accommodations rated above 7.8 and use filters to match your preferences. Your post-stay reviews help fellow travelers and get you points and discounts for future bookings.


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Agoda is a top pick, especially for budget Asian hotels. Founded in Singapore in 2005, it’s a fantastic resource for Southeast Asia. Just be sure to verify prices during checkout, as the final payment at the gateway might differ from the initial search results.

Hostel World

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For budget travelers who prefer hostels over couch surfing, Hostelworld is a go-to choice.I like hostels, Ashrith doesn’t, and “Mom” disapproves. In such cases, booking private rooms in hostel on Hostelworld gets discounts. Use their chat to save by teaming up.

1st Quest

iran travel resources 1st quest logo

All three platforms are great, except for Iran. 1stQuest is my go-to for Iran accommodations, including historical mansions and hostels. They accept all cards and work for Armenia and Uzbekistan too.

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Getting Tourist Visa

For those with weaker passports, obtaining a tourist visa is a vital initial step in planning. Even those with privileged passports may occasionally need assistance. These are my trusted digital resources for obtaining tourist visas hassle-free. Always refer to each country’s official Visa/MFA website to grasp the application procedure. While the mentioned platforms are reliable, confirming you’re on the right path is crucial.


ivisa logo

Use iVisa to get visas across 120+ countries. They provide expert and prompt assistance with elaborate and detailed checklist including photo requirements. They offer the majority of Schengen Visa Services, including Austria and Greece as well.

1st Quest

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Get an Iran tourist visa with ease using 1st Quest. They turn the complicated into a breeze with their user-friendly portal, clear instructions, and tailored document lists based on nationality

Transportation: Essential Travel Resources for Smooth Journey

Our top priority when traveling, regardless of the destination, is public transport, particularly trains. However, each country has its unique railway ticketing system, bus lines and in some places, there might not be a public transport system at all. In such cases, you may have to rely on a driver or a car rental service. Here’s what we recommend.

Coral Seekers


Finding reliable boat rentals in Thailand can be tricky as some ignore weather warnings, risking accidents. Coral Seekers prioritise safety, offering private yacht and speed boat tours with code “Vacaywork23” for a 10% discount.

12 Go Asia


Travel in Southeast Asia is budget-friendly, but using public transport websites can be challenging. Use 12Go Asia to easily book train, bus, and ferry tickets across countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar,even for Australia and New Zealand.

Japan Rail Pass

jr pass freedom to explore japan logo

High living costs in Japan can hinder enjoying fast bullet train rides. Getting a JR Pass, while practical for quick travel, can be a complex process. I recommend JR Pass -Freedom to Explore Japan” for hassle-free logistics and tool to determine if you need to buy a JR Pass is super helpful

Rome to Rio

travel resource rome to rio logo

This platform is great for planning your commute. They display all available modes of transportation, including flights, trains, car rentals, buses, and sea travel, along with the duration and price for each type of journey.


transportation resource Kayak logo

Driving abroad can be a demanding, but renting through Kayak eases it. Kayak offers car rentals worldwide, acting as a portal displaying cars, prices, and terms from different rental companies.

Welcome Pickups


Late arrivals in unfamiliar locations can be transport nightmares. Welcome Pickups offers pre-booking for for airport/train station taxi services even at odd hours. Despite higher fares, the convenience is invaluable. Available in 155+ global cities.

Your Egypt Tours


Exploring Egypt’s history and landscapes can be tough with public transport. A knowledgeable local guide is vital.
My experience with Your Egypt Tours was exceptional. Great vehicles, friendly guides; they’re the ideal choice for an Egypt trip. They patiently answered my 59 emails while customising my itinerary patiently with minute details. Their detailed service receipt is a huge help in securing your Egypt tourist visa.

Jordan Select Tours


The Nabateans’ 400 BC craftsmanship is impressive, but Jordan’s public transport has issues. The roads are good, and car rental is available or mandatory . A local guide is vital for historical context and navigating Jordan’s highways. “Jordan Select Tours” is perfect a perfect solution for all these troubles. Use code “Vcywrk” on their website for car and itinerary discounts.

Travel Resources for Activities and Tickets

During your trip, you might want to attend a cultural show or book a boat tour, but many direct service provider websites can be frustrating. For instance, the USJ official website require an Amex card, which can be inconvenient if you only have a Visa or Mastercard. That’s where these companies come in handy, allowing you to purchase relevant tickets easily.

Viator, a TripAdvisor subsidiary, reigns supreme in online tours and activities. They offer 2,500+ global destinations with city tours, cultural experiences, day trips and outdoor adventures galore.


Get Your Guide

Get YourGuide is perfect to buy “Skip the Line” entry tickets to monuments and museums. They sell tickets to unique shows across the globe such as opera and waltz and also guided tours with “cashback” points


Rakuten Travel Experiences

Rakuten Travel Experiences is your one-stop for booking unique Japan experiences like Sumo tours and the Tuna fish auction, not usually found on standard sites. They also provide a list of rare informations etiquettes to follow for specific activities, if applicable.

Air tickets

Flights are roughly 30% of travel expenses. Planning ahead is cheaper than last-minute bookings, so reliable airfare resources are vital. Despite popular tips, like booking on specific days or using incognito mode, I’ve seen them not consistently provide better deals, no matter the booking platform. But the below two are a great source to find out better deals.


Skyscanner travel resource logo for booking airticket

Skyscanner is your digital adventure compass, swiftly finding flight deals worldwide. It’s ideal for comparing offers from various platforms, using “to anywhere” to match your budget, and displaying options from multiple sources for your selection.

Google Flights

This dominant search engine offers excellent flight ideas, essential filters, and detailed schedules, seamlessly directing you to other platforms. It’s great for checking schedules and exploring options.

Walking tours

The best way to immerse in a place and gain understanding is through walking tours. Whether exploring local cuisine or delving into history, I’m passionate about strolling with knowledgeable locals who share stories and insights. It’s the first step in becoming a mindful traveler, moving away from mere “selfie-clicking” tourism.

Guru Walk


Free walking tours with knowledgeable guides from GuruWalk are a fantastic concept. Remember to tip them – they won’t ask, but it’s a thoughtful gesture if you’ve enjoyed the tour. Based on my experience, GuruWalk tours labeled “Pro” are excellent. I recommend booking only those “Pro” tours and advisee not to use this platform for walking tours in India.

Walking Tours in India

India is wonderfully diverse and endlessly fascinating. Despite being born here, I continually uncover new aspects of India. So, for walking tours in India, I propose a different approach. Here are my recommended tours:

  1. Kochi Heritage Project in Kochi, Kerala
  2. Roobaroo Walks in Varanasi, Lucknow, Agra, Delhi, and Amritsar
  3. Ahmedabad Heritage Walk

Travel Planning Resources

Budget Your Trip

Planning a trip budget can be tricky due to individual travel preferences. Just like zebra stripes, no two styles are the same. That’s why I rely on Budget Your Trip for average cost estimates. They offer budgets for budget, mid-range, and luxury travelers in different currencies for each destination.

Travel Insurance

Some countries require travel insurance for visas, but it’s wise even where not mandated. I opt for ICICI Travel Insurance (single trip) for broad coverage. Note, it may not meet specific requirements, like Iran.

Xe Currency Converter

Dealing with currency exchange rate is a headache. Xe Currency Converter provides real-time exchange rates, making it easy to convert currencies accurately for travel and business, or personal finance needs.

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Travel Bloggers

  1. Nomadic Matt – Known for straightforward and essential travel tips along with details on delicious local food.
  2. Earth Trekkers – A family blog that provides practical ways to explore the globe.
  3. Lost With Purpose – A sassy and engaging storyteller.
  4. Invisible Tourist – Offers practical guides enriched with lots of stories.
  5. Nerd Nomad – Known for pure storytelling without sugarcoating.
  6. Of course follow and read us 🙂

Travel Safety Resources

The USA and UK Travel Advisory boards are commonly used by tourists worldwide for safety information. However, they issue warnings for many places globally. While I won’t comment on their accuracy, I recommend not relying solely on them. Instead:

  1. Follow unbiased news media.
  2. Check your nation’s travel advisory.
  3. Connect with locals on social media.
  4. Choose destinations wisely based on your experience.
  5. Register with your country’s embassy upon arrival in XYZ nation for added security

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